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Moola, Z. B. (1993). Erwinia chrysanthemi L-asparaginase: epitope mapping and production of antigenically modified enzymes, Open University.

Moore, J. N. (1988). A line of the coast: the development of coastal mapping and hydrography in Scotland from 1540 to 1707, Department of Geography & Topographic Science, Glasgow University: 18p.

Moore, J. N. (1991). The historical cartography of Scotland: a guide to the literature of Scottish maps and mapping prior to the Ordn ance Survey. O'Dell memorial monograph, 0141-1454; no. 24. Aberdeen, Department of Geography, University of Aberdeen: 95 p.; 30 cm.

Moore, P. (2005). Satellite dynamics in the era of interdisciplinary space geodesy, Elsevier.

Moore, P. A. e. (1980). Cartographic and statistical Data Bases and Mapping Software, Harvard University.

Moore, P. A. E. (1980). Computer Graphics Hardware, Harvard University.

Moore, P. A. E. (1980). Computer Mapping of natural resources and the enviroment: Including applications of satellite-derived data, Harvard University.

Moore, P. A. E. (1980). Management's use of maps: Including an introduction to computer mapping for executives, Harvard University.

Moore, P. A. E. (1980). Urban, Regional, and State Government applications of computer mapping: plus computer mapping in education. Cambridge Mass, Harvard University.

Moore, P. A. E. (1981). Computer mapping of natural resources and the environment plus satellite derived data applications. Cambrigde Mass, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Moore, W. C. and W. Chow (1987). A mapping and analysis of resources system application. Edmonton, Alta., Northern Forestry Centre, Canadian Forestry Service: viii, 69 p.: ill. (some col.), map; 29 cm.

Moore-Jumonville, R. (2002). The hermeneutics of historical distance: mapping the terrain of American biblical criticism, 1880-1914. Lanham, Md., University Press of America.

Morain, S. A. (1998). GIS solutions in natural resource management. Santa Fe, N.M., OnWord Press.

Morgan, D., M. Bardsley, et al. (2000). Mapping health for Primary Care Groups: the changing geography of health in London, Health of Londoners Project.

Moritz, H. (1989). Advanced physical geodesy. Karlsruhe, Wichmann.

Moritz, H. (1990). The figure of the earth: theoretical geodesy and the earth's interior. Karlsruhe, Wichmann.

Moritz, H. and B. Hofmann-Wellenhof (1993). Geometry, relativity, geodesy. Karlsruhe, Wichmann.

Moritz, H. E., D. E. Medak, et al. (2000). Proceedings of the international workshop on perspectives of geodesy in south-east Europe, Geodatischen Institute der Technischen Universitat Graz.

Morovic, J. (1998). To develop a universal gamut mapping algorithm, University of Derby.

Morrissey, K. G. (1997). Mental territories: mapping the Inland Empire. Ithaca, N.Y.; London, Cornell University Press: ix, 220 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm.

Morrissey, S. (1998). Mapping the soul: selected poems, 1978-1998. [Winnipeg], The Muses' Company: 182 p.; 23 cm.

Morroll, S. M. (1996). Mapping of yeast artificial chromosomes from Arabidopsis chromosome 5, University of Nottingham.

Morton, O. (2003). Mapping Mars: science, imagination and the birth of a world. London, Fourth Estate: xv, 351 p., [16] p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 20 cm.

Mossavar-Rahmani, B. (1988). Lower oil prices: mapping the impact. Cambridge, MA, Energy and Environmental Policy Center, Harvard University.

Motyka, J. M. and A. H. Brampton (1993). Coastal management: mapping of littoral cells, Hydraulics Research Limited.

Moyer, D. D. E. (1992). Geographic information systems for transportation: Symposium: Selected papers and report. Washington, AASHTO.

Moyer, D. D. E. and T. E. Ries (1995). Proceedings of the 1995 geographic information systems for transportation (GIS-T), AASHTO.

Mueller, I. I. (1964). Introduction to satellite geodesy. New York, Ungar; London: Constable.

Mueller, I. I. (1969). Spherical and practical astronomy, as applied to geodesy. New York, Ungar.

Mueller, I. I. (1979). Applications of geodesy to geodynamics: an international symposium: proceedings of the ninth Geodesy/Solid Earth and Ocean Physics (GEOP) Research Conference, October 2-5, 1978, Columbus, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio.

Mueller, I. I. and J. D. Rockie (1966). Gravimetric and celestial geodesy: a glossary of terms. New York, Ungar.

Mueller, I. I. and S. Zerbini (1989). The Interdisciplinary role of space geodesy: International workshop: Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Mukerjea, D. (1996). Superbrain: train your brain and unleash the genius within by using memory building, mind mapping, speed reading. Singapore; Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1997: viii,245p.: ill. (some col.), ports. (some col.); 21x30cm.

Mulders, M. E. (1999). Remote sensing and GIS applications in mountainous areas: proceedings of the IUSS/working groups RS and DM international symposium "Remote sensing and GIS for monitoring soils and geomorphic processes to assist integrated development of mountainous land", ITC.

Mulhearn, P. J. (2001). Mapping seabed vegetation with sidescan sonar. Fishermans Bend, Vic., DSTO Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory: 28 p.: ill. (some col.), maps; 30 cm.

Muller, J.-C. E. (1988). Environmental applications of digital mapping: Eurocarto 7 conference: Papers. Enschede, International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC).

Muller, J.-C. E., J.-P. E. Lagrange, et al. (1995). GIS and generalization: methodology and practice: Specialist meeting: Papers, Taylor & Francis.

Munck, J. C. d. E. and T. A. T. E. Spoelstra (1992). Refraction of transatmospheric signals in geodesy: Symposium: Papers. Delft, The Netherlands, Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie.

Munro, A. E. (1999). VIL: a virtual interoperability laboratory for Europe, CEC.

Munro, C. and R. Nunny (1998). Isles of Scilly subtidal habitat and biotope mapping survey: a report on a mapping study of subtidal biotopes, in particular sediment biotopes, occuring within the Isles of Scilly archipelago, English Nature.

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