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Record 1841 to 1880
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Schureman, P. (1924). A Manual of the Harmonic Analysis and Prediction of Tides, pp. v. 416. Washington.

Schureman, P. (1935). Manual of Tide Observations, pp. iv. 82. Washington.

Schureman, P. (1941). Tide and Current Glossary, pp. iii. 40. Washington.

Schureman, P. (1949). Tide and Current Glossary. (Revised edition.), pp. iii. 40. Washington.

Schureman, P. (1958). Manual of Harmonic Analysis and Prediction of Tides. [With plates.], pp. iv. 317. Washington.

Schuster, P. M. (2002). Concept mapping: a critical-thinking approach to care planning. Philadelphia, F.A. Davis Co.: xi, 175 p.: ill.; 26 cm.

Schuurman, N. (2004). GIS: a short introduction. Malden, MA.; Oxford, Blackwell Pub.

Schwartz, S. I. and R. E. Ehrenberg (1980). The mapping of America, Abrams.

Schwarz, K. (1981). Proceedings of the second International Symposium on Inertial Technology for Surveying & Geodesy: Banff, Canada, June 1-5, 1981. Ottawa, Canadian Institute of Surveying.

Schwarz, K.-P. (2000). Geodesy beyond 2000: the challenges of the first decade. Berlin, Springer-Verlag.

Schwarz, K.-P. E. and G. r. E. Lachapelle (1991). Kinematic systems in geodesy, surveying, and remote sensing: Symposium: Papers. New York, Springer-Verlag.

Science, M. and E. L. Jones (1925). Catalogue of the collections in the Science Museum. Geodesy and surveying. Compiled by E. Lancaster-Jones. London, His Majesty's Stationery Office.

Sciences, U. S. O. A. C. H. o. R. C. o. S. a. A. S. o. S. (1962). Project Anna-Geodetic satellite system. [With a chart.], pp. iii. 128. Washington.

Scott, A. B. A. S. (1999). An investigation into the reliability and validity of the dementia care mapping method, University of Wales.Bangor.

Scott, C. and B. E. Purbrick (1993). Mapping European Community development policy, Save the Children Fund, Overseas Department.

Scott, J. and P. Simpson-Housley (2001). Mapping the sacred: religion, geography and postcolonial literatures. Amsterdam, Rodopi: xxxiii, 486 p.: maps; 24 cm.

Scottish Natural, H. (1996). Broad scale habitat mapping of intertidal and subtidal coastal areas: Busta Voe and Olna Firth, Shetland, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Scottish Natural, H. (2000). Mapping and recording the rights of way of Scotland project, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Sealey, H. C. J. (1980). Some properties of harmonic mapping, University of Warwick.

Seavey, C. A. and C. I. Wheat (1992). Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861: an index to the cartobibliography. Winnetka, Ill., Map and Geography Round Table of the American Library Association: Speculum Orbis Press: viii,210p.; 24cm.

Sebert, L. M. (1970). Mapping procedures for Canadian one-inch topographical maps prior to World War II. By L.M. Sebert. Ottawa, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources: 28 x 21.5 cm.

Sebert, L. M. and M. Morrison (1985). Mapping with simple instruments: a manual for Canadian map-makers. Ramsey, Round Table Books: 38p.: ill., maps,1port.; 28cm.

Segawa, J., H. Fujimoto, et al. (1997). Gravity, geoid, and marine geodesy. New York, Springer.

Semikhodskii, A. G. (1997). Mapping quantitative traits for salinity responses in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), University of East Anglia.

Sengupta, N. (1985). Attenuation mapping for Europe based on new attenuation prediction, University of Bradford Postgraduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Service, N. Z. M. and J. W. Hutchings (1964). World Meteorological Organization with the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Proceedings of the Symposium on Tropical Meteorology, Rotorua, New Zealand, 5-13 November 1963. Edited by J. W. Hutchings, pp. xiv. 737. Wellington.

Serviss, R. W. (1959). Precise and Secondary Levelling in Ontario North of Parry Sound, pp. 210. Ottawa.

Serviss, R. W. (1960). Precise and Secondary Levelling in Quebec, North of the St. Lawrence River. (Revised 1959.), pp. 208. Ottawa.

Shamsi, U. M. (2002). GIS tools for water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. Reston, Va., ASCE Press.

Shand, P. J. and P. J. Ireland (1994). The 1994 European GIS yearbook. London, Hastings Hilton.

Shapiro, M. J. (1997). Violent cartographies: mapping cultures of war. Minneapolis, Minn.; London, University of Minnesota Press: xv,241p.; 24cm.

Sharma, M. (1999). GIS-based modelling for estimating monoterpene emissions from an orange orchard in Burriana, Spain. [Italy], Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

Sharnik, J. and O. G. Howard (1947). Stripes, the first five years of the GI's newspaper. Pfungstadt, Hesse, Germany, Star and Stripes.

Shasp, H. O. b. (1943). Geodetic control surveys. New York, John Wiley.

Shaw, D., F. Ackermann, et al. (2004). Mapping group knowledge: structuring the knowledge sharing process in meeting. Management Science, theory, method and practice series; working paper 2004/16. Glasgow, University of Strathclyde - Department of Management Science: 41 leaves: ill.; 30 cm.

Shaw, J. M. and M. C. Gardiner (1989). Preliminary study of geographic information systems (GIS), Norfolk, County Council.

Shaw, P. (1996). Mapping the field: a research project on the education work of British orchestras. London, Association of British Orchestras: 39 p.: ill.; 30 cm.

Shedd, M. S. (1984). Gis and disincentives for registered retirement savings by lower income Canadians, The University of Calgary Department of Economics.

Sheikh, J. A. (1988). Intrinsic basis function in the Dyson boson mapping. Daresbury, Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) Daresbury Laboratory.

Shibley, M. A. (1996). Resurgent Evangelicalism in the United States: mapping cultural change since 1970. Columbia, S.C., University of South Carolina Press: x, 156 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

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