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Smith, J. R. (1996). Introduction to geodesy: the history and concepts of modern geodesy. New York, John Wiley.

Smith, L. C. and M. Gluck (1996). Geographic information systems and libraries: patrons, maps, and spatial information. [Urbana, Ill.], Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 240p.: ill.; 24cm.

Smith, M. (1997). Monadhliath project: progress report and mapping programme for 1998-2005, British Geological Survey.

Smith, R. L. and M. J. Crook (1989). The non-destructive detection and mapping of ASR cracking in concrete. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Bridges Division.

Smith, T. H. (1977). The mapping of Ohio. [Kent, Ohio], Kent State University Press: 252p.; 30cm.

Smylie, D. E. and R. Hide (1988). Structure and dynamics of earth's deep interior. Washington, D. C., American Geophysical Union.

Snyder, J. P. (1973). The mapping of New Jersey: the men and the art. New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University Press: xiv,234p.: ill., maps; 25cm.

Soete, G. J. (1997). Issues and innovations in geographic information systems. Washington, D.C., Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Services.

Soffel, M. H. (1989). Relativity in astrometry, celestial mechanics and geodesy. Berlin, Springer.

Sohncke, L. A. (1854). Bibliotheca mathematica. Catalogue of books in every branch of mathematics, arithmetic. geometry, mechanics, astronomy and geodesy, which have been published in Germany and other countries from 1830 to the middle of 1854. Edited by L. A. Sohncke, Leipsic.

Somieski, A. (2005). Geodetic mobile solar spectrometer. Zürich, Schweizerischen Geodätischen Kommission.

Sotheran, I. and R. Walton (1997). Broad scale biological mapping of Morecambe Bay, English Nature.

Southgate, E. (2003). Remembering school: mapping continuities in power, subjectivity & emotion in stories of school life. New York, P. Lang: 261 p.; 23 cm.

Southwood, D. J. (1981). ULF pulsations in the magnetosphere: reviews from the special sessions on geomagnetic pulsations at xvii General Assembly of the International Union for [i.e. of] Geodesy and Geophysics, Canberra, 1979, December. Tokyo, Center for Academic Publications Japan; Dordrecht; London: Reidel.

Sparrow, K. C. (1941). Surveying and Mapping Simplified, etc, pp. 87. Brown, Son & Ferguson: Glasgow: 8º.

Sparrow, K. C. (1950). Surveying and Mapping Simplified, etc. (Second edition.), pp. 87. Brown, Son & Ferguson: Glasgow: 8º.

Sparrow, K. C. (1960). Surveying and Mapping simplified, etc. (Third edition.), pp. 87. Brown, Son & Ferguson: Glasgow: 8º.

Sparrow, K. C. (1968). Surveying and mapping simplified: a book of suggestions for those who adventure with maps, Brown, Son & Ferguson: 80p.,ill.,19cm.

Sparrow, P. R. and P. Budhwar (1995). Human resource management in India: mapping the transition process, Manchester Business School.

Sparrow, P. R. and P. S. Budhwar (1997). Competition and change: mapping the Indian HRM recipe against world-wide patterns, University of Sheffield, Management School.

Spary, V. C. (1925). Senior Exercises in Mapping & Map Reading, pp. 32. University Press: London: 4º.

Spary, V. C. (1927). Intermediate Mapping Book, etc, pp. 15. University of London Press: London: 4º.

Spicer, D. P. (2005). Culture in change: a case study of a merger using cognitive mapping. Bradford, Bradford University, School of Management: 22 p.: ill.; 30 cm.

Spichak, V. E., T. E. Dixon, et al. (2002). A multi-disciplinary study of volcanoes, Elsevier.

Staff, G. R. C. (1981). Probabilistic methods applied to soil properties, stability, and mapping. Montreal, McGill Univeristy.

Stafford, D. B. E. (1991). Civil engineering applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems: 2nd National speciality conference: Selected papers, ASCE.

Star, J. L. E. (1991). Integration of remote sensing and geographic information systems, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Star, J., J. E. Estes, et al. (1997). Integration of geographic information systems and remote sensing. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Stearns, P. N. (2001). Cultures in motion: mapping key contacts and their imprints in world history. New Haven; London, Yale University Press: vii, 120 p.: ill., maps; 23 x 28 cm.

Steede-Terry, K. (2000). Integrating GIS and the global positioning system. Redlands, Calif., ESRI.

Stelmukh, V. A. (2003). Neutron and synchrotron X-ray residual stress mapping of 7xxx aluminium alloy aerospace welds/ Vadim A. Stelmukh. Milton Keynes, Open University: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Stephens, D. M. (1991). Epitope mapping of antibodies to the envelope proteins of HIV, University of Cambridge.

Stephens, P. W. (1987). Low frequency mapping with MERLIN, University of Manchester.

Stevens, B. (2003). Mapping another reality: cultural representations of the Californian landscape. Derby, University of Derby.

Stevenson, J. (2001). Mapping local rehabilitation and intermediate care services: a whole systems approach to understanding service capacity and planning change. London, King's Fund: 16 p.; 30 cm.

Stickley, P. (2000). A psychological and philosophical mapping of colour, Royal College of Art.

Stillwell, J. C. H. and G. Clarke (2004). Applied GIS and spatial analysis. Chichester; Hoboken, N.J., Wiley.

Stinson, M. D. (2003). An investigation into the reliability of the Force Sensing Array (FSA) pressure mapping system and its clinical application with 'at risk' individuals. Coleraine, University of Ulster.

Stone, S. (1989). Characterisation and linkage mapping of C-1 negative mutants of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1, Brunel University.

Stone, S. W. (1993). A spatial model of forest conversion using a geographic information system. [Ithaca, NY], [Department of Agricultural Economics, New York State College].

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