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Atherton, J. W. (1912). Tables for determining Geodetic Positions, Latitudes 0 to 65, together with methods of using Co-ordinates. By John W. Atherton, etc. London, Admiralty.

Atkinson, P. M. and N. J. Tate (1999). Advances in remote sensing and GIS analysis. Chichester; New York, Wiley.

Atkinson, P. M. E. (2002). Surface modelling, Blackwell.

Atomic Energy Research Establishment. Energy Technology Support, U. (1990). Resource mapping of agricultural wastes and residues, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Energy Technology Support Unit.

Austin, K. P. (1994). The identification of mistakes in road accident records - part one: the use of geographic information systems, University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies.

Austin, S., J. Steele, et al. (1999). Mapping the conceptual design activity of interdisciplinary teams, [np].

Australia. Army. Royal Australian Survey, C. (1986). Annual progress report: surveying and mapping for the period 1 Jul 85 - 30 Jun 86. Melbourne, Royal Australian Survey Corps: 21, 53, 9, [4], 7, 3p.: col, maps; 30cm.

Avers, H. G. (1937). Triangulation in Utah, 1927 datum, pp. iv. 165. Washington.

Avers, H. G. (1939). Manual of First-Order Leveling, pp. vi. 93. Washington.

Awange, J. L. (2005). Solving algebraic computational problems in geodesy and geoinformatics: the answer to modern challenges. Berlin, Springer-Verlag.

Ayala, C. (2000). Application of potential field methods to geological mapping and determination of upper crustal structure in the vicinity of the SG4 borehole, Urals, Russia, British Geological Survey.

Aylward, A. R. (1981). Memory mapping for a portable operating system, University of Cambridge.

Baarda (1967). Statistical concepts in geodesy. Delft, Rijkscommissie voor Geodesie.

Babcock, A. K. E. and G. A. E. Wilkins (1988). The earth's rotation and reference frames for geodesy and geodynamics: 128th Symposium: Papers. Dordrecht, Kluwer.

Bagnall, G. R. (1998). Mapping the museum: the cultural consumption and production of two north west heritage sites, University of Salford.

Bailey, C., J. Deans, et al. (2003). Integrated impact assessment: UK mapping project: report. Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumbria University Health Impact Assessment Research & Development Programme: 65 p.; 30 cm.

Bailey, I. D. (1996). The design of a mapping language for STEP software systems, Brunel University.

Bailey, S.-A. and J. Isaacs (1999). Translation of Phase 1 data from field maps to GIS: learning gained from the Habitat Restoration Project, English Nature.

Bailey, W. C. R. E., D. S. K. C. B. Gill, et al. (1896). Report on the Geodetic Survey of South Africa executed by Lieutenant-Colonel Morris. in the years 1883-92, under the direction of David Gill. together with a rediscussion of the survey, executed by Sir Thomas Maclear. in the years 1841-48, by David Gill. (Geodetic Survey of South Africa. vol. 2-6.) [With plates.], 6 vol. Cape Town, London.

Baily, B. (2001). Analysis of beach mapping techniques and their application to the investigation of the spatial and temporal variations in the morphological behaviour of the shingle beaches of southern Central England, University of Portsmouth.

Baker, J. C. (2004). Mapping the risks: assessing the homeland security implications of publicly available geospatial information. Santa Monica, Calif.; [Great Britain], Rand: xxxix, 195 p.; 23 cm.

Baker, S. and K. Baker (1993). Market mapping: how to use revolutionary new software to find, analyze, and keep customers. New York; London, McGraw-Hill: xx,267p.,[4]p. of plates: ill(some col.), maps; 23cm.

Bakker, G., J. C. d. Munck, et al. (1989). Radio positioning at sea: geodetic survey computations: least squares adjustment. Delft, Delft University Press.

Balakrishnan, G. (1996). Mapping the nation. London, Verso: vi, 329 p.; 24 cm.

Balasubramanian, N. and R. D. Leighty (1974). Coherent optics in mapping: tutorial seminar and technology utilization program, March 27-29, 1974, Rochester, N.Y. Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., SPIE: x, 298 p.: ill.; 28 cm.

Ball, D. E. and R. E. Babbage (1990). Geographic information systems: defense applications, Brassey's.

Ball, J. (2002). Towards a methodology for mapping "regions for sustainability" using PPGIS. Progress in planning, 0305-9006; v. 58, pt. 2. Oxford, Pergamon: v, p. 81-140: ill.; 25 cm.

Baltic Geodetic, C. (1930). Special publication - Baltic Geodetic Commission, Helsinki.

Bann, S. and J. D. Hunt (1988). Maps and mapping. London, Taylor and Francis: [130]p.: maps, ill.; 28cm.

Barker, D. E. (1989). Hazard mapping in the Caribbean: Meeting of experts: Papers, Pan Caribbean Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Project.

Barnes, G. (1982). SPAM: a simplified mapping technique using single aerial photographs. Pietermaritzburg, Natal Town and Regional Planning Commission.

Barnes, J. W. and R. J. Lisle (2004). Basic geological mapping. The geological field guide series. Chichester, Wiley: xi, 184 p.: ill., maps; 19 cm.

Barnsley, M. J., J. P. Muller, et al. (1992). Tools for a 3-D GIS to monitor the urban environment, ESRC Library and Information Service.

Barr, C. (1994). Using cognitive mapping in a community setting, University of Strathclyde.

Barrow, I. J. (2003). Making history, drawing territory: British mapping in India, c. 1756-1905. New Delhi; Oxford, Oxford University Press: xii, 212 p., [5] p. of folded plates: ill., maps; 23 cm.

Bartelme, N. (1989). GIS Technologie: Geoinformationssysteme, Landinformationssysteme und ihre Grundlagen, Springer.

Barter, S. A. (1999). A rapid mapping and analysis system for use during aircraft accident or incident field investigation. Melbourne, Vic., DSTO Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory: 38p.

Bartholome, E. (2002). GLC 2000: Global Land Cover mapping for the year 2000: project status November 2002. Ispra, Institute for Environment and Sustainablility: 58 p.: col. ill., col. maps; 30 cm.

Bartholomew, L. K. (2000). Intervention mapping: designing theory-- and evidence-based health promotion programs. Mountain View, Calif., Mayfield Pub. Co, c2001: xxiii, 515 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Bartlett, D. (1993). GIS and the coastal zone: past, present and future, Association for Geographic Information.

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