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Maslov, A. V., A. V. Gordeev, et al. (1984). Geodetic Surveying, MIR.

Masser, I. and A. Pritchard (1993). GIS in environmental auditing: prospects and potential, University of Sheffield, Department of Town and Regional Planning.

Masser, I., H. Campbell, et al. (1996). GIS diffusion: the adoption and use of geographical information systems in local government in Europe. London, Taylor & Francis.

Matikainen, L. (1999). Snowmelt monitoring using multisource satellite image and ground measurement data. Helsinki, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Matikainen, L., R. Kuittinen, et al. (1998). Sar images and ancilary data in crop species interpretation. Kirkkonummi, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Mattelart, A. (1994). Mapping world communication: war, progress, culture. Minneapolis; London, University of Minnesota Press: xv,294p.; 24cm.

Matthews, S. (1992). The cycle contraction mapping theorem, University of Warwick, Department of Computer Science.

Maundeni, Z. (2004). Mapping local democracy in Gaborone city. Gaborone, Botawana, Botswana Association of Local Authorities - BALA: 43 p.; 22 cm.

Maurer, K. (1989). Topographic brain mapping of EEG and evoked potentials. Berlin, Springer: 576p.; 25cm.

Maurer, K. and T. Dierks (1991). Atlas of brain mapping: topographic mapping of EEG and evoked potentials. Berlin, Springer.

Maximiano, G. A. (2004). Predictive vegetation mapping in Guaraqueçaba Environmental Protection Area - Brazil. Reading, University of Reading: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Maynard, S. J. (2001). Use of body surface mapping to aid the diagnosis of myocardial infarction and ischaemia, Queen's University of Belfast.

Mayne, B. and S. Mayne (2002). Life mapping: create a powerful blueprint to bring out the best in yourself - and your life. London, Vermilion: xi, 210 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Mayr, T. (1992). The evaluation of PMI data for vegetation mapping in the Somerset Levels, Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Mazoyer, B. E., P. E. Roland, et al. (1995). First international conference on functional mapping of the human brain, Wiley-Liss.

Mazziotta, J. C., A. W. Toga, et al. (2000). Brain mapping. The disorders. San Diego, Calif.; London, Academic: xx, 669 p.: ill. (some col.); 29 cm.

McCall, G. J. H. and B. Marker (1989). Earth science mapping for planning, development and conservation, Graham and Trotman: x,268p.

McCarthy, L. C. (1995). New approaches to genome mapping in model organisms, University of London.

McCarty, N. M. and K. T. Poole (1992). The spatail mapping of congressional candidates and contributors. Pittsburgh, PA, Carnegie Mellon University: 43p.: ill.; 28cm.

McClay, K. R. (1991). The mapping of geological structures. Geological field guide series. Chichester, J. Wiley: vi, 161 p.: ill.; 18 cm.

McCormack, J. E. (1995). Virtual memory tiling for spatial data handling in GIS, University of Leeds, School of Computer Studies.

McCracken, D. I. (1992). Survey methods for recording and mapping environmental data and bird observations. Paisley, Joint Nature Conservation Committee: 33,[18]p.; 30cm.

McCracken, J. R. (2002). Phenomenographic instructional design: case studies in geological mapping and materials science. Milton Keynes, Open University.

McDonnell, R. and K. K. Kemp (1995). International GIS dictionary. Cambridge, Geoinformation International.

McEachron, D. L. (1986). Functional mapping in biology and medicine: computer assisted autoradiography. Experimental biology and medicine; vol.11. Basel, Karger: 278p.; 25cm.

McElroy, W. J. (1994). Development of geophysical mapping and data processing methods applied to base metal ore deposits in Ireland, Queen's University of Belfast.

McEwan, J. A. (1998). Cluster analysis and preference mapping. Chipping Campden, Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association: 74p.: ill.; 30cm.

McEwan, J. A. and C. Ducher (1998). Preference mapping: case studies. Chipping Campden, Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association: 49p.: ill.; 30cm.

McEwan, J. A., P. J. Earthy, et al. (1998). Preference mapping: a review. Chipping Campden, Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association: 32p.: ill.; 30cm.

McGrath, G. (1976). The surveying and mapping of British East Africa 1890 to 1946. Toronto, B. V. Gutsell, Department of Geography, York University: xi,118p.: maps; 26cm.

McGrath, G. (1983). Mapping for development: the contributions of the Directorate of Overseas Surveys. Toronto, University of Toronto Press: 264p.: 10 leaves of plates; 25cm.

McGrath, G. and L. M. Sebert (1999). Mapping a northern land: the survey of Canada, 1947-1994. Montreal; London, McGill-Queen's University Press: x, 668p.: ill., facsims., maps, ports.; 26cm.

McGrath, W. E. and T. B. Hickey (1983). Research report prepared for OCLC on multidimensional mapping of libraries based on shared holdings in the OCLC online union catalog. Dublin, Ohio, OCLC: xi,41p.: ill.; 28cm.

McIlwaine, J. (1997). Maps and mapping of Africa: a resource guide. London, Hans Zell: xxviii, 391p.; 25cm.

McKell, B., S. Fisher, et al. (2002). Monitoring and mapping of environmental noise, Great Britain, Scottish Executive, Central Research Unit.

McKitterick, R. (2003). The Times Medieval world. London, Times Books.

McKnight, J. L. and J. Kretzmann (1990). Mapping community capacity. Evanston, Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research, Northwestern University: 21,13p.

McLaren, S. B. E. and J. K. E. Braun (1993). GIS applications in mammalogy, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

McLaughlin, G. and N. H. Mayo (1995). The mapping of California as an island: an illustrated checklist. Saratoga, Calif., California Map Society: 134p.: ill., maps; 28cm.

McLaughlin, J. F. (1980). Mapping the Information Business, Harvard University.

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