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Borrel, A. (1999). Learning in the food and nutrition sector: a preliminary mapping of learning processes, Active Learning Network on Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action.

Böss, M., I. G. Nordin, et al. (2005). Re-mapping exile: realities and metaphors in Irish literature and history. Denmark; Lancaster, Aarhus University Press: 256 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Bossard, E. G. (1991). User-friendly GIS modelling: oxymoron? or an effective tool for spatial analysis and decision making in the 1990's?, University of Sheffield, Department of Town and Regional Planning.

Bossomaier, T. R. J. and D. A. Green (2001). Online GIS and spatial metadata. New York, Taylor & Francis.

Botanical Survey of South, A. and J. A. Pentz (1938). The value of botanical survey and the mapping of vegetation as applied to farming systems in South Africa. Pretoria, Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Division of Plant Industry: 15p.; 24cm.

Botswana. Geological Survey, D. and T. P. Machacha (1989). Progress in geological mapping as at 1st January 1989, Lobatse: 1 map; 61x86cm.

Bouchardy, J. Y. (1995). Development of a GIS system in UNHCR for environmental, emergency, logistic and planning purposes. Geneva, Office of the Senior Coordinator on Environmental Affairs, Programme Policy Unit, DPOS.

Boucher, C. and G. A. Wilkins (1990). Earth rotation and coordinate reference frames: Symposium: Papers. New York, Springer-Verlag.

Bouman, F. J. A. E. and O. E. Hospes (1994). Financial landscapes reconstructed: the fine art of mapping development: Seminar: Papers. Boulder: Westview Pr.: xi, 416p.

Bouman, J. (2000). Quality assessment of satellite-based global gravity field models. Delft, NCG.

Bowen, L., F. C. Scobey, et al. (1922). Fault Map of the State of California. Scale, 1: 1,506,880. Mapping by Fred California Scobey and Lot Bowen. Compilation of Faults by Bailey Willis and H.O. Wood. Stanford, Cal., Seismological Society of America: 4 Sh. 940 x 1090 mm.

Bowie, W. G. (1912). The Texas-California Arc of Primary Triangulation, pp. 141. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1913). Determination of Time, Longitude, Latitude and Azimuth. Fifth edition, pp. 177. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1914). Primary Triangulation on the one hundred and fourth meridian and on the thirty-ninth parallel in Colorado, Utah and Nevada, pp. 163. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1917). Investigations of Gravity and Isostasy. [With eight charts.], pp. 196. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1919). Report on the Connection of the Arcs of Primary Triangulation along the ninety-eighth meridian in the United States and in Mexico and on triangulation in Southern Texas, pp. 93. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1922). Geodetic Operations in the United States, January 1, 1912, to December 31, 1921, etc, pp. iii. 26. pl. 17. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. (1936). Geodetic Operations in the United States, January 1, 1933, to December 31, 1935. Report, etc, pp. iii. 25. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. a. A. and H. G. Avers (1914). Fourth General Adjustment of the Precise Level Net in the United States and the resulting standard elevations, pp. 328. Washington.

Bowie, W. G. a. A. and O. S. Adams (1919). Grid System for Progressive Maps in the United States. [U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Special Publication. no. 59.], pp. 227. Washington: 8º.

Bowles, R. and M. O'Keeffe (1993). Mapping skills. Leamington Spa, Scholastic: xii, 56p.

Bowman, M. W. (1990). Wellington: the geodetic giant. Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution Press.

Bowser, E. A. (1892). A treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry: and its applications to astronomy and geodesy, with numerous examples. Boston, D.C. Heath.

Boyes, S. (2005). Multiple-use zoning in UK and Manx Waters of the Irish Sea: interpretation of current legislation through the use of GIS-based zoning approaches: report to Scottish Natural Heritage, English Nature and Countryside Council for Wales. Perth, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Boyle, P., C. S. Muir, et al. (1989). Cancer mapping. Recent results in cancer research; vol.114. Berlin, Springer: 277p.; 25cm.

Braam, R. R. (1991). Mapping of science: foci of intellectural interest in scientific literature. Leiden, Netherlands, DSWO Press, University of Leiden.

Braaten, N. F. a. M. A. C. C. and C. E. Maccombs (1938). Leveling in North Carolina. [With a map.]. [U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Special Publication. no. 210.], pp. 414. Washington: 8º.

Bracken, I. (1989). Towards a general attribute data linker for geographic information systems - concepts and software, Wales and South West Regional Research Laboratory.

Bracken, I. and C. Webster (1990). Information technology for geography and planning: including principles of GIS. London, Routledge.

Bradford, G. (1900). [Tables of Depths for Channels and Harbors, coasts of the United States. Arranged and compiled by G. Bradford.], pp. 141. Washington.

Bradford, J. E. S. and A. C. j. a. Gauld (1952). The geodetic triangulation and trigonometrical survey of Southern Rhodesia 1897-1952, Salisbury.

Brail, R. K. and R. E. Klosterman (2001). Planning support systems: integrating geographic information systems, models, and visualization tools. Redlands, Calif., ESRI Press.

Brancaforte, E. C. (2003). Visions of Persia: mapping the travels of Adam Olearius. Harvard studies in comparative literature; 48. Cambridge, Mass.; Harvard University Department of Comparative Literature London, distributed by Harvard University Press: xxiv, 238 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm.

Branch, I. S. o. I. G. (1928). Geodetic Report. Vol. I [etc.]. From 1st October 1922 to 30th September 1925 [etc.], Dehra Dun.

Branch, I. S. o. I. G. and A. H. Gwyn (1928). Geodetic Handbook. Part VI. Levelling. Second edition. (By A. H. Gwyn.) [With plates and a sheet of corrections.], pp. viii. 70. Dehra Dun.

Brandon, R. J. and K. Wescott (2000). Practical applications of GIS for archaeologists: a predictive modeling toolkit. London, Taylor & Francis.

Brass, A. R. (1991). The use of a geographical information system for mapping landslide potential in the West Indies, University of Reading.

Brebbia, C. A. (2004). Management information systems 2004: GIS and remote sensing. Southampton, WIT.

Brebbia, C. A. and P. Pascolo (1998). GIS technologies and their environmental applications. Southampton, Computational Mechanics.

Brebbia, C. A. and P. Pascolo (2000). Management information systems 2000: GIS and remote sensing. Southampton, WIT Press.

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