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Bird, J. (1993). Mapping the Futures: Local Cultures, Global Change, Routledge: [256]p.: 30ill.; 22cm.

Birkin, M. (1996). Intelligent GIS: location decisions and strategic planning. Cambridge, GeoInformation International.

Birman, J. S. (1974). Braids, links, and mapping class groups. Annals of mathematics studies; no. 82. Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press: ix, 228 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Birman, J. S. F., J. Gilman, et al. (2001). Knots, braids, and mapping class groups. AMS/IP studies in advanced mathematics, 1089-3288; v. 23. Providence, RI, American Mathematical Society.

Birman, J. S., J. Gilman, et al. (2001). Knots, braids, and mapping class groups--papers dedicated to Joan S. Birman: proceedings of a conference on low dimensional topology in honor of Joan S. Birman's 70th birthday, March 14-15, 1998, Columbia University, New York, New York. AMS/IP studies in advanced mathematics, 1089-3288; v. 24. Providence, R.I.; [Great Britain], American Mathematical Society: xxii, 176 p.: ill.; 26 cm.

Birren, B. W. (1999). Genome analysis: a laboratory manual. Vol.4, Mapping genomes. Plainview, N.Y., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press: xxxii,494p.: ill.; 29cm.

Bishop, M. S. (1960). Subsurface Mapping. [With charts.], pp. ix. 198. John Wiley & Sons: New York, London: 8.

Bishop, M. S. M. (1960). Subsurface mapping. New York [etc.], John Wiley & Sons Inc: ix, 198p.: maps, tables, diagrs; 23 1/2cm.

Bittner-Eddy, P. (1998). Mapping the RPP13 locus in Arabidopsis thaliana that confers isolate specific resistance to Peronospora parasitica, University of London.

Blachut, T. J., A. Chrzanowski, et al. (1979). Urban surveying and mapping. New York, Springer: ix,372p.; 24cm.

Black, R. E. and H. E. Vogel (1956). Maps and mapping agencies in Washington state: a selective and analytical bibliography. Seattle, University of Washington: 1 reel of microfilm; 35mm.

Blair, D. E. (2000). Inversion theory and conformal mapping. Student mathematical library, 1520-9121; v. 9. Providence, R.I.; [Great Britain], American Mathematical Society: x, 118 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Blakemore, M. (1986). Proceedings, London.

Blakemore, M. J. (1981). Chodig. 4, Digitising Spatial Structures for Thermatic Mapping And Database Retrieval, University of Manchester Research Consultancy Service.

Blamey, E. E. (1998). GIS and countryside management: theory and application, Countryside Recreation Network.

Blamire, A. M. (1990). Three dimensional high speed mapping in NMR imaging, University of Nottingham.

Blandford, P. W. (1956). Scout Mapping. [With illustrations.]. [Scout Self Taught Series. no. 3.], pp. 43. Brown, Son & Ferguson: Glasgow: 8.

Blandford, P. W. (1960). Scout Mapping. (Second edition, revised.). [Scout Self Taught Series. no. 3.], pp. 42. Brown, Son & Ferguson: Glasgow: 16.

Block, C. R. and M. Dabdoub (1993). Workshop on Crime Analysis Through Computer Mapping: proceedings, 1993. Chicago, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority: xvi, 378p.

Block, C. R., M. Dabdoub, et al. (1995). Crime analysis through computer mapping. Washington, D.C., Police Executive Research Forum: xiv, 288 p.: ill., maps; 28 cm.

Boardman, T. M. (1998). Mapping the millennium: behind the plans of the new world order. London, Temple Lodge: 184 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 22 cm.

Boba, R. (2005). Crime analysis and crime mapping. London, SAGE: xiii, 301 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).

Bobrowsky, P. T. (2002). Geoenvironmental mapping: methods, theory and practice. Lisse; Abingdon, A.A. Balkema: vii, 725 p.: ill. (some col.), maps (some col.); 25 cm.

Bocco, G., H. De Brouwer, et al. (1994). Modelling water resources and water demand in semi-arid areas: data integration and anlysis using a geographic information system, Unesco.

Bock, Y. and N. Leppard (1990). Global positioning system: an overview: Symposium entitled "The global positioning system and other radio tracking systems": General meeting: Selected papers. New York, Springer-Verlag.

Boden, M. (1992). The identification of technology priorities for European research and technology development: a review of technology mapping and related techniques, Commission of the European Communities.

Bodleian, L. and N. Millea (2003). Street mapping: an A to Z of urban cartography: an exhibition in the Bodleian Library, February-April 2003. Oxford, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: i, 79 p.: ill. (some col.), maps (some col.); 22 x 27 cm.

Boehner, C., P. hHaastrup, et al. (1996). A case study of Florence on the use of geographic information systems and remote sensing for urban environmental management, European Commission.

Bogdanov, V. I. (2000). Mean monthly series of sea level observations (1777-1993) at the Kronstadt gauge. Kirkkonummi, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Bogdanov, V. I., M. Y. Medvedev, et al. (1994). On the persistence of the oceanic background of apparent sea level changes in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Bold, C. (1999). The WPA guides: mapping America. Jackson, MS, University Press of Mississippi.

Bolland, D. J. (2001). Comparative mapping of the FSH muscular dystrophy region, University of Nottingham.

Bolstad, P. (2001). GIS fundamentals: a first text on geographic information systems. White Bear Lake, Minn., Eider Press.

Bomford, G. (1931). Geodetic triangulation. Dehra Dun, Survey of India.

Bomford, G. (1952). Geodesy. [With a bibliography.], pp. xiii. 452. Clarendon Press: Oxford.

Bomford, G. (1962). Geodesy. By Brigadier G. Bomford. Second edition. Oxford, Clarendon Press.

Bomford, G. (1971). Geodesy. Oxford, Clarendon Press.

Bonham-Carter, G. F. (1994). Geographic information systems for geoscientists: modelling with GIS. Kidlington, Pergamon.

Bonnyman, J. I. (1995). A neural network mapping of L.P.C. coefficients for quality speech synthesis, University of Nottingham.

Bonsdorff, I. (1930). Measuring of Seven Base Lines of the Baltic Polygon executed in the year 1929. [With plates.], pp. 236. Helsingfors.

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