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Fisher, P. (1995). Innovations in GIS 2: selected papers from the Second National Conference on GIS Research UK. London, Taylor & Francis.

Fisher, P. E. (1995). Innovations in GIS 2: 2nd National conference on GIS Research UK: Selected papers. London, Taylor & Francis.

Fisher, P. F. and D. Unwin (2005). Re-presenting GIS. Chichester, Wiley.

Fisher, W. L. and F. J. Rahel (2004). Geographic information systems in fisheries. Bethesda, Md., American Fisheries Society.

Fishwick, A. and J. Clayson (1995). Lake District National Park Authority GIS Development Project: final report to the Countryside Commission, Lake District National Park Authority.

FitzGerald, L. (1980). Lebanon to Labuan: a story of mapping by the Australian Survey Corps, World War II (1939 to 1945). Melbourne, J.G. Holmes Pty Ltd.: xii, 124 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 29 cm.

Flatters, C. (1986). The mapping of linear polarization distributions of extragalactic radio sources using MERLIN, University of Manchester.

Fletcher, D. (1987). Modelling GIS transportation networks. [Washington, D.C.?], [Urban and Regional Information Systems Association?].

Flintsch, G. W., R. Dymond, et al. (2004). Pavement management applications using geographic information systems: a synthesis of highway practice. Washington D.C., Transportation Research Board.

Floherty, J. J. (1952). High, Wide and Deep. Science and adventure with the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Illustrated, etc, pp. 153. J. B. Lippincott Co.: Philadelphia & New York.

Flood, G. D. (1993). Mapping invisible worlds: Conference: Papers, Edinburgh U. P.

Flowerdew, R. and D. Banting (1989). Evaluating the potential role of GIS for a market analysis company, University of Lancaster, North West Regional Research Laboratory.

Flynn, J. N. (1988). The development and application of sheep monoclonal antibody technology to epitope mapping of viral synthetic peptides, University of Edinburgh.

Follett, A. B. (1982). Survey of the profession: photogrammetry, surveying, mapping, remote sensing. Falls Church, VA, The Society: vi, 56 p.; 28 cm.

Folving, S. E. and C. M. E. Girard (1992). Grassland classification and mapping: European collaborative programme workshop: Papers, CEC.

Foody, G. M. and P. M. Atkinson (2002). Uncertainty in remote sensing and GIS. Chichester, Wiley.

Forbes, J. M. E. (2001). Mesosphere-thermosphere-ionosphere coupling and energetics. Pergamon, International Union of Radio Science.

Force, C. R. C. A. (1961). RCAF/RCN Flight Information Publication-GPH 205. Enroute supplement, Canada and North Atlantic. Compiled by Surveys and Mapping Branch, Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys, etc. [Published jointly by the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy.], Ottawa: 8.

Foresman, T. W. (1998). The history of geographic information systems: perspectives from the pioneers. Upper Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall PTR; London: Prentice-Hall International.

Forsberg, R., M. Feissel, et al. (1998). Geodesy on the move: gravity, geoid, geodynamics and Antarctica. New York, Springer Verlag.

Forth, D. (2004). Characterisation and mapping of plastid division mutants in tomato and Arabidopsis. Nottingham, University of Nottingham: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Foster-Smith, R. L., I. Sotheran, et al. (1996). Mapping survey of the sublittoral and littoral biotopes of the Berwickshire coast, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Foster-Smith, R. L., I. Sotheran, et al. (1997). Broadscale mapping of habitats and biota of the sublittoral seabed of the Wash: final report of the 1996 Broadscale Mapping Project (BMP) survey, English Nature.

Foster-Smith, R. L., I. Sotheran, et al. (1999). Broad scale remote survey and mapping of sublittoral habitats and biota of the Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire and south Cardigan Bay. [Bangor], [Countryside Council for Wales]: iv, 79 leaves, [5] leaves of plates: ill. (chiefly col.), maps; 30cm.

Foster-Smith, R., J. Davies, et al. (2000). Broad scale remote survey and mapping of sublittoral habitats and biota: technical report of the Broadscale Mapping Project, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Fotheringham, A. S. and M. Wegener (2000). Spatial models and GIS: new potential and new models. London, Taylor & Francis.

Fotheringham, A. S. and P. Rogerson (1994). Spatial analysis and GIS. London, Taylor & Francis.

Fotheringham, S. E. and P. E. Rogerson (1994). Spatial analysis and GISbSpecialist meeting on GIS and spatial analysis: Papers, Taylor and Francis.

Fowler, D., U. Dragosits, et al. (2002). Deposition of acidity and nitrogen and exposure of terrestrial surfaces to ozone in Scotland: mapping critical loads, critical levels and exceedances, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Fox, J. S. (1976). Rapid pyroclastic mapping in base metal exploration. [Saskatoon], Saskatchewan Research Council, Geology Division: 13leaves; 29cm.

Fox, P. T. E. and J. L. E. Lancaster (2000). Sixth international conference on functional mapping of the human brain, Academic Press.

Fox, W. L. (1999). Mapping the empty: eight artists and Nevada. Reno, University of Nevada Press.

Fragola, J. R. and T. Bedford (2005). Identifying emerging failure phenomena in complex systems through engineering data mapping. Management Science, theory, method and practice series; working paper 2005/06. Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Department of Management Science: 24 leaves: ill.; 30 cm.

Francaviglia, R. V. (2005). Mapping and imagination in the Great Basin: a cartographic history. Reno, NV, University of Nevada Press: xviii, 231 p.: ill., maps; 27 cm.

France, P. and W. St. Clair (2002). Mapping lives: the uses of biography. Oxford, Oxford University Press for the British Academy: ix, 350 p.; 24 cm.

Francks, C. (2001). Mapping of genes causing dyslexia susceptibility, University of Oxford.

Frank, A. U. E. and I. E. Campari (1993). Spatial information theory: a theoretical basis for GIS: European conference: Preprints. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Frank, A. U. E. and W. E. Kuhn (1995). Spatial information theory: a theoretical basis for GIS: International conference: Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Frank, A. U. E., I. E. Campari, et al. (1992). Theories and methods of spatio-temporal reasoning in geographic space: International conference entitled "GIS: from space to territory - theories and methods of spatio-temporal reasoning": Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

Frank, A. U., M. Raubal, et al. (2000). Panel-GI compendium: a guide to GI and GIS. Genova, Geographical Information Systems International Group.

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