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Iliffe, J. (1999). Datums and map projections: for remote sensing, GIS, and surveying. Latheronwheel, Whittles: viii, 150 p.: ill., maps; 24 cm.

India. Department of Science and Technology. National Atlas and Thematic Mapping, O. and S. P. Das Gupta (1982). Essays in thematic cartorgaphy [sic.]: papers presented at the Third National Cartographic Conference, Calcutta, during 19-21 October, 1981 by the members of National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation. Calcutta, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation: 174p.: maps, ill.; 22cm.

Ingram, E. L. (1911). Geodetic Surveying and the Adjustment of Observations (method of least squares), pp. xx. 389. McGraw-Hill Book Co.: New York, London.

Innes, A. (2002). Dementia care mapping: applications across cultures. Baltimore, Health Professions Press.

Institut für Angewandte, G. (1984). Surveying and mapping in the Federal Republic of Germany: cooperation with other countries. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Verlag des Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie: 55 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 x 21 cm.

Institut, D. G. (1937). The Beacon Lamp of the Danish Geodetic Institute, pp. 12. København.

Institute for Certification of Computer, P. (1996). Global information infrastructure, global information society (GII-GIS): statement of policy recommendations. Paris, OECD.

Institute of Medicine. Committee on a National Neural Circuitry, D., C. M. Pechura, et al. (1991). Mapping the brain and its functions: integrating enabling technologies into neuroscience research. Washington, D.C., National Academy Press: xiii,152p.,[11]p. of plates: ill(some col.); 24cm.

International Aerial Mapping, C. (1968). Houston, Texas, aerial mapping 1:2640. [San Antonio], International Aerial Mapping Company: remote sensing images.

International Association of Geodesy, S. (1984). Proceedings of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Symposia. Columbus, Ohio, Department of Geodetic Science and Surveying, Ohio State University.

International Association of Geodesy. General, M., I. Nakagawa, et al. (1982). Proceedings of the General Meeting of the International Association of Geodesy, Tokyo, May 7-15, 1982. Kyoto, Local Organizing Committee for the General Meeting of the IAG.

International Astronomical Union, S., A. K. Babcock, et al. (1988). The Earth's rotation and reference frames for geodesy and geodynamics: proceedings of the 128th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Coolfont, West Virginia. 1986. Dordrecht, Kluwer.

International Biological Programme. Sub-Commission on Conservation of Terrestrial Biological, C., M. E. D. Poore, et al. (1964). An approach to the rapid description and mapping of biological habitats, [London]: 81p.; 4to.

International Cartographic, A. (1991). Mapping the nations, proceedings: International Cartographic Association, 15th conference and 9th General Assembly, Bournemouth, UK 1991. London, ICA 1991 Ltd: 2 v (xxiii, 978p); 21cm.

International Correspondence, S. (1904). I.C.S. Reference Library, 176 vol. International Textbook Company: Scranton.

International Maritime, O. (1996). Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response, International Maritime Organization.

International Union of Geodesy and, G. (1952). IUGG news-letter. London, Butterworths.

International Union of Geodesy and, G. (1957). Chronique - U.G.G.I. [Paris], International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.

International Union of Geology and Geophysics. General, A. and D. J. Southwood (1981). ULF pulsations in the magnetosphere: reviews from the Special Sessions on Geomagnetic Pulsations at XVII General Assembly of the Internation Union for Geodesy and Geophysics, Canberra, 1979, December. Tokyo, Center for Academic Publications Japan; Dordrecht; London: Reidel.

Inuani, M. K. (1998). Technology mapping of heterogeneous lookup table based field programmable gate arrays, University of Oxford.

Irish Geodetic Surveying Liaison, G. (1998). Geodetic surveying in Ireland: national report of the current status of the Geodetic Surveying Profession in Ireland. Dublin, Irish Geodetic Surveying Liaison Group.

Irish National Committee for Geodesy and, G. (1999). Report of the Irish National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics 1999: presented to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, XXII General Assembly, Birmingham, UK, July 1999. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy.

Iserles, A. and S. Noersett (1994). Characterization of all zero-mapping transformations of a given form, University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

Issa, B. A.-R. (1993). NMR parameter mapping in porous media using modified echo planar imaging, University of Nottingham.

Ivanov, V. I. F. A. F. and M. K. Trubetskov (1995). Handbook of conformal mapping with computer-aided visualization. Boca Raton; London, CRC Press: iv,360p.: ill.; 25cm.

Ives, H. C. a. H. and H. E. Hilts (1906). Problems in Surveying, Railroad Surveying, and Geodesy, etc, pp. ix. 136. John Wiley & Sons: New York.

Iyengar, S. S. and A. Elfes (1991). Autonomous mobile robots. Los Alamitos, Calif., IEEE Computer Society Press.

Jaakkola, O. (1994). Finnish CORINE land cover: a feasibility study of automatic generalization and data quality assessment. Helsinki, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Jabri, M. M., R. Payne, et al. (1988). Mapping and analysis of perceptual patterns in climate research, Manchester Business School.

Jaccaci, A. T. and S. B. Gault (1999). CEO - chief evolutionary officer: leaders mapping the future. Boston, Mass.; Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann: xxi, 189 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Jack, A. (2003). Value mapping: increasing and reporting an organisation's value. [London], Department of Trade and Industry, Management, Leadership and Skills Unit: 15 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

Jacka, J. M. and P. J. Keller (2002). Business process mapping: improving customer satisfaction. Chichester, Wiley: 224p.

Jackson, E. L. and T. L. Burton (1989). Understanding leisure and recreation: mapping the past, charting the future, Venture Publishing.

Jackson, J., R. S. Weddle, et al. (1990). Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast: the contributions of Saint-Denis, Olivan, and Le Maire. College Station, Texas A & M University Press: xi,92p.: ill.; 26cm.

Jacobs, H. H. (1997). Mapping the big picture: integrating curriculum and assessment, K-12. Alexandria, Va., Association for Supervision and Curriculm Development.

Jacobsen, B. H. E. (1992). Methodology and applications within geophysics, astronomy, and geodesy: 1st Interdisciplinary inversion workshop: Papers, Aarhus University.

James, L. (1996). Vienna: the comprehensive street-by-street guide with bird's-eye-view mapping. 3-D city guides. London, Duncan Petersen: 144p.: ill., maps,ports.; 21cm.

James, S. E. (1995). Mapping the library landscape: 5th Annual meeting: Papers, MCB University Press.

Jankowski, P. and T. L. Nyerges (2001). Geographic information systems for group decision making: towards a participatory, geographic information science. London, Taylor & Francis.

Janus, R. A. (1999). Mapping careers with LD and ADD clients: guidebook and case studies. New York, Columbia University Press: x, 388 p.; 24 cm.

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