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Horn, R. E. (1989). Mapping hypertext: the analysis, organization, and display of knowledge for the next generation of on-line text and graphics, Lexington Institute.

Hornigold, J. N. A. (1998). Physical mapping using Hinfl cosmid fingerprinting: its application to the human Y chromosome and to 9q34, University of London.

Hornung, M. E., M. A. E. Sutton, et al. (1994). Mapping and modelling of critical loads for nitrogen, Inst Terr Ecology.

Hoskinson, A. J. a. D. and J. A. Duerksen (1947). Manual of Geodetic Astronomy. Determination of longitude, latitude, and azimuth, pp. xiv. 205. Washington.

Hosmer, G. L. (1930). Geodesy. [S.l.], Wiley.

Hotine, M. (1969). Mathematical geodesy. Washington, D.C., Environmental Science Services Administration.

Hough, D. M. (1983). The use of splines and singular functions in an integral equation method for conformal mapping. Uxbridge, University of Brunel.

Howard, P. J. A. E., M. Hornung, et al. (1989). An assessment of the principles of soil protection in the UK, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology.

Howell, G. R. (2002). Physical, transcriptional and comparative mapping on the human X chromosome, Open University.

Howes, E. (2003). Mapping diversity in London: 2001 Census results. DMAG briefing, 1479-7879; 2003/22. London, Greater London Authority: 112 p.: maps; 30 cm.

Howes, P. J. (1999). Analysis of neural network mapping functions: generating evidential support, Oxford Brookes University.

Howling, P. H. and L. A. Hunter (1977). Mapping skills and techniques: a quantitative approach. Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd: [5],55[i.e.57]p.: ill., maps(2 col); 20x26cm.

Hsieh, S.-L. (1992). Characterisation of novel genes and mapping of polymorphic markers in the human major histocompatibility complex, University of Oxford.

Hsu, C. S. (1987). Cell-to cell mapping: a method of global analysis for nonlinear systems, Springer-Verlag.

Hsu, D. F., A. L. Rosenberg, et al. (1995). Interconnection networks and mapping and scheduling parallel computations: DIMACS workshop, February 7-9, 1994. [Providence, R.I.], American Mathematical Society: x,342p.: ill.; 27cm.

Hubbard, N. K. (1985). Analysis of Landsat MSS data for land cover mapping of large areas, University of Aberdeen.

Hubner, M. H. (2000). Monitoring land supply with geographic information systems: theory, practice, and parcel-based approaches. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Huff, A. S. (1990). Mapping strategic thought, Wiley: xvii,426p.

Huff, A. S. and M. Jenkins (2002). Mapping strategic knowledge. London, SAGE: xvii, 302 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Huggan, G. (1989). Maps and mapping strategies in contemporary Canadian and Australian fiction, University of British Columbia.

Huggan, G. (1994). Territorial disputes: maps and mapping strategies in contemporary Canadian and Australian fiction. Theory/culture. Toronto; London, University of Toronto Press: xvi,198p.: maps; 24cm.

Huh, O. K., A. Ali, et al. (1985). Mapping of green leaf biomass over Bangladesh with NOAA satelitte AVHRR data, Coastal Studies Institute Louisiana State University.

Humphreys, C. (2000). From good intentions to good practice: mapping services working with families where there is domestic violence. Bristol, Policy Press in association with Barnardo's. [et al.]: iv, 63 p.; 30 cm.

Humphries, S. P. (1983). Mapping class groups, graphs and symplectic geometry. Bangor, University College of North Wales.

Hunsaker, C. T. (2001). Spatial uncertainty in ecology: implications for remote sensing and GIS applications. New York; London, Springer.

Hunt, V. D. (1996). Process mapping: how to reengineer your business processes. New York; Chichester, Wiley: xiv, 274p.: ill.; 24cm.

Hunter, J. d. G. (1929). Geodesy, pp. 205. Dehra Dun.

Hunting Aerosurveys, L. T. D. (1952). Photogrammetric Mapping from Air Photographs. A simple explanation. By the technical staff of Hunting Aerosurveys Ltd, pp. 54. Iliffe & Sons: London: 8.

Husain, A. A. (1994). Paint coated steel in Kuwaiti corrosion environment: surface corrosion mapping & electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, University of London.

Husain, T. (1965). The open mapping and closed graph theorems in topological vector spaces. Oxford, Clarendon Press: 118p.; 24cm.

Husti, G. J. (1975). Geodetic-astronomical observations in the Netherlands, 1947-1973. Delft, Rijkscommissie voor Geodesie.

Hutchinson, S., S. I. A. Hutchinson, et al. (1997). Inside ArcView GIS. Santa Fe, N.M., Onword Press.

Huxhold, W. E. (1991). An introduction to urban geographic information systems. New York; Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Huxhold, W. E. (1997). GIS County user guide: laboratory exercises in urban geographic information systems. New YorkOxford, Oxford University Press.

Huxhold, W. E. and A. G. Levinsohn (1995). Managing geographic information system projects. New York; Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Huxley, E., E. T. c. o. A. Huxley, et al. (1973). Africa and Asia - mapping two continents. A history of discovery and exploration. London, Aldus Books: 488p.: ill(chiefly col), facsims., maps(chiefly col), ports.(chiefly col); 27cm.

Huynh, D. M. (2004). Mapping pseudouridine sites in Homo sapiens 18S ribosomal RNA, and the 3 dimensional ribosome map of nucleotide modifications. Liverpool, University of Liverpool: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Hwang, C., C. K. Shum, et al. (2004). Satellite altimetry for geodesy, geophysics and oceanography: proceedings if the international workshop on satellite altimetry, a joint workshop of IAG Section III Special Study Group SSG3.186 adn IAG Section II, September 8-13, 2002, Wuhan, China. Berlin; London, Springer.

Hyde, P. (2006). Improving health through human resource management: mapping the territory. London, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development: xii, 98 p.; 30 cm.

Ii, F. A. M. (2001). The processing of spaceborne SAR for mapping land cover and deforestation in Rondonia, University of Reading.

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