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Leibundgut, C., J. J. McDonnell, et al. (1999). Integrated methods in catchment hydrology: tracer, remote sensing and new hydrometric techniques: proceedings of an international symposium held during IUGG 99, the XXII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, at Birmingham, UK 18-30 July 1999. Wallingford, IAHS.

Leigh, M. B. (2000). The population of Sarawak: baseline mapping of rural ethnic distribution prior to the New Economic Policy. Malaysia, Institute of East Asian Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak: 92 leaves: maps; 42 cm.

Leigh, M. B. (2002). Mapping the peoples of Sarawak. Sarawak, Unit Penerbitan Universiti Malaysia Sarawak: 123 p.: chiefly col. maps; 43 cm.

Leipnik, M. R. and D. P. Albert (2003). GIS in law enforcement: implementation issues and case studies. London, Taylor and Francis.

Leontis, A. (1995). Topographies of Hellenism: mapping the homeland. Myth and poetics. Ithaca; London, Cornell University Press: xi, 257 p.

Leuven, R. S. E. W. E., I. E. Poudevigne, et al. (2002). Application of geographic information systems and remote sensing in river studies, Backhuys.

Levenback, C., A. G. J. v. d. Zee, et al. (2004). Clinical lymphatic mapping in gynecologic cancers. London, Martin Dunitz: 195 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm.

Levesley, J. (1991). A study of Chebyshev weighted approximations to the solution of Symm's integral equation for numerical conformal mapping, Coventry (Lanchester) Polytechnic.

Levin, F. M. (1991). Mapping the mind: the intersection of psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Hillsdale, NJ, Analytic Press.

Lewis, S. P. (2004). Mapping forest parameters using geostatistics and remote sensing data. London, University of London: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Lewis, S. T. a. M. A. C. G. and S. H. Macgrady (1936). Mapping Exercises in British History, 2 pt. J. M. Dent & Sons: London: 4.

Lewis, S. T. a. M. A. C. G. and S. H. Macgrady (1937). Mapping Exercises in European History (1789-1936), pp. 32. J. M. Dent & Sons: London: 4.

Li, B. C. (1989). A unified approach to boundary element method, numerical conformal mapping and improperly imposed BVP, University of Southampton.

Li, K.-J. (2000). Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, November 10-11, 2000, Washington, D.C., USA. New York, N.Y., ACM Press.

Li, R. E. and S. E. Murai (1999). Proceedings international workshop on mobile mapping technology, [np].

Li, T. (2005). Linkage disequilibrium mapping of schizophrenia and related traits in a Chinese population. London, University of London: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Librecht, I. (2004). A GIS approach to measure the rural character. [Petten, Netherlands], European Commission.

Lichtwarck-Aschoff, M. (1994). Intrathoracic fluid and gas compartments with different modes of ventilation: approaching a more complete mapping of different ventilatory patterns, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.

Liebundgut, C. E., J. E. Gunn, et al. (1998). Remote sensing and geographic information systems for design and operation of water resources systems, IAHS.

Liem, L. B. and E. Downar (2001). Progress in catheter ablation: clinical application of new mapping and ablation technology. Developments in cardiovascular medicine; v. 241. Dordrecht; London, Kluwer Academic: xvii, 586 p.: ill. (some col.); 25 cm.

Lilja, T. and A. Suska (1994). Targeting and control of non-point source pollution by integrating geographic information systems and ecotechnology. Stockholm, Division of Land and Water Resources, Royal Insitute of Technology.

Lim, H. (1991). Mapping welfare rights, Polytechnic of East London.

Lindgren, G. (2001). Genome mapping in the horse. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Comprehensive summaries of Uppsala dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology, 1104-232X; 632. Uppsala, [Uppsala universitet]: 33 p.: ill. (some col.); 25 cm.

Lines, J. D. (1992). Australia on paper: the story of Australian mapping. Box Hill, Vic., Fortune Publications: 343 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm.

Linkwitz, K. and U. Hangleiter (1989). High precision navigation: integration of navigational and geodetic methods. Berlin, Springer.

Linn, J. D. M. (1989). The use conformal mapping for the numerical solution of some fluid flow problems, University of Exeter.

Lioumi, M. (2000). Physical mapping of human chromosomal band Iq21 and characterisation of new genes, University of London.

Little, D. (2003). The paradox of wealth and poverty: mapping the ethical dilemmas of global development. Boulder, Colo.; Oxford, Westview: xx, 283 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Liu, Q. (1996). Determining the GPS orbit with the dynamic collocation model. Helsinki, Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Livingstone, A. and A. Fowler (1995). Process mapping in information services, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Department of Management Studies.

Lloyd, C. D. (1999). Non-stationary models for optimal sampling and mapping of terrain in Great Britain, University of Southampton.

Lloyd, D. (1988). An evaluation of small scale shortwave vegetation index imagery for vegetation mapping, University of Bristol.

Lo, C. P. and A. K. W. Yeung (2002). Concepts and techniques in geographic information systems. Upper Saddle River, N.J., Prentice Hall.

Lo, S.-C. (1987). Mapping algorithms to VLSI array processors, University of Southern California.

Local Government Management, B. (1991). Local government Geographical Information System product software functional requirements specification, Local Government Management Board.

Local Government Management, B. (1993). GIS benchmarking guidelines: a guide to evaluation 'weighing the options', Local Government Management Board.

Local Government Management, B. (1994). GIS: the local authority scene; monitoring the take up of GIS, Local Government Management Board.

Local Government Management, B. (1995). Go with the flow and GIS, Local Government Management Board.

Local Government Training, B. (1989). GiS: an approach to evaluating Geographic Information Systems for local authorities, Local Government Training Board.

Locke, J. (2003). Survival navigation, measurement and mapping and how to make the instruments required. [Great Britain], Bradbourne Books: 49 p.: ill.; 21 cm.

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