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White, S. and G. Higgs (1997). The application of deprivation measures at the community level in Wales: a statistical and GIS-based approach, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Department of City and Regional Planning.

Whitener, A. and B. Creath (1997). Mapping with Microsoft Office. Santa Fe, N.M., OnWord Press: xiv, 283p.: ill.; 23cm.

Whitfield, P. (1995). The mapping of the heavens. London, British Library: x,134p.: ill. (some col.), charts,facsims.,maps,ports.; 30cm.

Whitlock, F. (2005). Given up for dead: American GI's in the Nazi concentration camp at Berga. Boulder, Colo.; Oxford, Westview.

Whitten, C. A. (1947). Air-Line Distances between Cities in the United States, pp. vi. 246. Washington.

Whitten, C. A. a. D. and K. H. Drummond (1959). Contemporary Geodesy. Proceedings of a conference held at the Harvard College Observatory-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 1-2, 1958. Edited by C. A. Whitten and K. H. Drummond, pp. vii. 95. American Geophysical Union of the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council: Washington.

Whitten, C. A. and K. H. Drummond (1959). Contemporary geodesy: proceedings of a conference held at the Harvard College Observatory - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 1-2, 1958. [Washington, D.C.], American Geophysical Union.

Whittle, R. A. C. (1997). RCF science design, volume 2: quality plan 1 - geological mapping of the shafts, roadways, insets and other excavations, NIREX.

Whitworth, A. (1996). Mapping thematic roles onto syntactic frames: a therapy resource, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Speech Enterprises.

Wickstead, J. E. (2002). Using primary school children's cognitive map representations as a means of measuring their overall general mapping ability. Liverpool, University of Liverpool.

Wilde, A. R. (1994). Epitope mapping and structural studies on TGN 38/41, University of Bristol.

Wilding, J. (2000). Mapping of tumour suppressor genes in radiation-induced murine acute myeloid leukaemia, Brunel University.

Williams, C. C. (2005). A commodified world? mapping the limits of capitalism. London, Zed: xii, 308 p.; 23 cm.

Williams, G. (1998). Mapping studies of the centromeric region of the human Y chromosome, University of Oxford.

Williams, J. (2001). GIS processing of geocoded satellite data. London, Springer.

Williams, J. B. (1846). Practical geodesy. Second edition, with new chapters on railways, parish, and estate surveying, London: John W. Parker.

Williams, J. B. (1855). Practical geodesy. The third edition, London: John W. Parker & Son.

Williams, J. M. (1984). REGIS: An RAE experimental image-based geographic information system. Farnborough, Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE).

Williams, W. R. (1983). Mine mapping and layout. Englewood Cliffs; London, Prentice-Hall: xii,416p.: ill., maps,plans; 25cm.

Williamson, J. P. (1999). Cultural noise removal from HiRES-1 aeromagnetic data using the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) package, British Geological Survey, Regional Geophysics Group.

Wilme, B. P. (1846). A Hand-Book for Mapping, Engineering, and Architectural Drawing, in which maps of all descriptions are analyzed, and their several uses fully explained. Illustrated with forty-three large plates and thirty-nine woodcuts. By B.P. Wilme. London, John Weale: 4º. pp. viii. 69.

Wilme, B. P. (1863). A hand book for plain and ornamental mapping, engineering and architectural drawing. Consisting of every style of embellishment and writing used by surveyors and civil & mechanical engineers. 2nd ed, London: John Weale: viii,69p.,[42]leaves of plates: ill, maps; 29cm.

Wilson, H. M. (1900). Topographic Surveying: including geographic, exploratory, and military mapping. With hints on camping, emergency surgery, and photography. [Illustrated.], pp. xxx. 910. J. Wiley & Sons: New York: 8º.

Wilson, H. M. (1912). Topographic, Trigonometric & Geodetic Surveying. [S.l.], Chapman & Hall.

Wilson, J. (2001). Equality mapping: a seminar held on Wednesday 20th May 1999, 11 Downing Street. London, Smith Institute: 47p.; 21cm.

Wilson, J. B. (1995). Mapping a winning training approach: a practical guide to choosing the right training methods. High-impact training series. London, Kogan Page: vii, 114p.: ill., forms; 25 cm.

Wilson, J. P. E., A. S. E. Fotheringham, et al. (2000). Fourth international conference on integrating geographic information systems and environmental modeling (GIS/EM4), Blackwell.

Wilson, R. T. O. (1980). The investigation, collection and evaluation of geographical material in Yemeni texts for the mapping of historical north-west Yemen, University of Cambridge.

Winch, S. P. (1997). Mapping the cultural space of journalism: how journalists distinquish news from entertainment. Westport, Conn.; London, Praeger: xii, 188p.: ill.; 24cm.

Wind, J. P. (1991). Clergy ethics in a changing society: mapping the terrain. Louisville, Ky., Westminster/J. Knox Press.

Winearls, J. (1991). Mapping Upper Canada 1780-1867: an annotated bibliography of manuscript and printed maps. Toronto; London, University of Toronto Press: xli,986p.,[20]p. of plates: ill., facsims.,maps; 28cm.

Winterkorn, E. C. (1993). CICA survey of local authority GIS usage, Construction Industry Computing Association.

Wise, S. (1990). Evaluating GIS software for use in higher education, Wales and South West Regional Research Laboratory.

Wise, S. (2002). GIS basics. London, Taylor & Francis.

Wixon, J. (1997). Physical and transcriptional mapping in human chromosome band 6p23, University of Oxford.

Wolf, P. R. and B. A. DeWitt (2000). Elements of photogrammetry: with applications in GIS. Boston, Mass., McGraw Hill.

Wolf, P. R. and C. D. Ghilani (1997). Adjustment computations: statistics and least squares in surveying and GIS. New York; Chichester, John Wiley & Sons.

Wolff, F. C. (1987). Geology for environmental planning: proceedings of the international symposium "Geological Mapping in the Service of environmental planning" held in Trondheim, Norway. 1986. Trondheim, Norges geologiske undersøkelse: 121p.; 30cm.

Wong, D. W. S. and J. S. a. w. A. G. I. S. Lee (2005). Statistical analysis and modeling of geographic information with ArcView GIS and ArcGIS. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley; Chichester: John Wiley [distributor].

Wong, F. L. and S. Eittreim. (2001). "Continental shelf GIS for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary [electronic resource]."

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