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Wallington, A. M., J. A. Barnden, et al. (2003). View-neutral mapping adjuncts in real text: a preliminary investigation. Cognitive science research papers; CSRP-03-6. Birmingham, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham: [5] leaves; 30 cm.

Wallis, H. M. E. and A. H. E. Robinson (1987). Cartographical innovations: an international handbook of mapping terms to 1900, Map Collector Pub in association with the International Cartographic Association.

Walsh, R. G. (2001). Mapping myths of Biblical interpretation. Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press: 192 p.; 25 cm.

Wang, F. (2005). Geographic information systems and crime analysis. Hershey, PA, Idea Group Publishing.

Wang, J. (1990). Methodology and software packages for mapping the radiation balance from remote sensing imagery. Ists-Eol-Tr; 90-004. Ontario, Earth Observations Laboratory, Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science, and the Department of Geography, University of Waterloo: 61p.: ill., maps; 28cm.

Wang, M.-C. J. (2000). Mapping and monitoring land degradation in southern New Mexico using Landsat data, University of London.

Wang, R. S. M., N. D. Efford, et al. (1997). An object-based approach to integrate remotely sensed data with geodata within a GIS context for land use changes detection at urban-rural fringe areas, University of Leeds, School of Computer Studies.

Wang, R. S. M., S. A. Roberts, et al. (1997). An object-based approach to integrate remotely sensed data with geodata within a GIS context for land use classification at urban-rural fringe areas, University of Leeds, School of Computer Studies.

Warby, M. K. (1984). Bergman kernel methods for the numerical conformal mapping of simply and doubly-connected domains. Uxbridge, University of Brunel.

Ward, R. G. and P. Ashcroft (1998). Samoa: mapping the diversity. Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific and National University of Samoa: ix, 144 p.: maps; 15 x 21 cm.

Warner, C. A. (1921). Field Mapping for the Oil Geologist, pp. x. 145. J. Wiley & Sons: New York: 8.

Warner, J. (2002). Aspirations of greatness: mapping the midlife leader's reconnection to self and soul. New York; [Chichester], Wiley: xiv, 335 p.; 24 cm.

Warner, M. (1992). Indigo, or, Mapping the waters, Chatto & Windus: 402p.

Warner, T. (1949). Operational aspects of the use of radar for geodetic surveying. [S.l.], Commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization.

Warr, A. (1990). Mapping the applications portfolio onto the projects portfolio, Cranfield School of Management.

Wassell-Smith, R. (1997). Pathfinder: a first guide to mapping. Fact packs. London, Apple: portfolio.

Watkins, J. and G. Griffiths (2000). Reconstruction and visualisation of historic landscapes using GIS, University of Reading, Department of Geography.

Watson, D. (2005). Mapping poverty: national, regional and county patterns. Dublin, IPA, Combat Poverty Agency: xxxiv, 197 p.: maps, tables; 24 cm.

Watson, N. J. (1998). Mapping land cover in the Sperrins area of outstanding natural beauty using digitally processed satellite imagery, University of Ulster.

Watts, W. M. (1889). Index of spectra: With an introduction on the methods of measuring and mapping spectra. Manchester, [s.n.].

Waugh, E. (1933). A School Certificate Mapping Book, pp. 31. John Murray: London: 4.

Waugh, T. C. and R. G. Healey (1994). Advances in GIS research: proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling. London, Taylor & Francis.

Waugh, T. C. E. and R. G. E. Healey (1994). Advances in GIS research: 6th International symposium on spatial data handling: Papers, Taylor & Francis.

Weber, E. (1950). Electromagnetic fields: theory and applications. Vol.1, Mapping of fields. New York, Wiley; London: Chapman and Hall: 604p.; 22cm.

Webster, C. (1990). Objected-oriented programming, database and GIS, Wales and South West Regional Research Laboratory.

Webster, C. (1992). GIS and the scientific inputs to urban planning, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Department of City and Regional Planning.

Weeks, K. R. (2000). Atlas of the Valley of the Kings. [Cairo; Great Britain], American University in Cairo Press.

Wehn de Montalvo, U. (2003). Mapping the determinants of spatial data sharing. Aldershot, Ashgate: xiv, 280 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Welch, R. E. and M. E. Remillard (1994). Mapping and geographic information systems, University of Georgia.

Wellar, B. E. (1993). Mapping the future: leading the way in Central and Eastern Europe: GIS/LIS '93 Hungary: Conference: Papers, Pergamon.

Welling, G. (1996). Effect of soil nutrient and type in field situations using SOYL mapping, Harwell Laboratory, Energy Technology Support Unit.

Wells, N. S. (1990). The stereoscopic geometry of the remote sensing 'Optical Mapping Instrument', Royal Aerospace Establishment.

Westen, C. J. v. (1993). Application of geographic information systems to landslide hazard zonation. Enschede, International Institute for Aerospace Study and Earth Sciences.

Westwood, O. M. R. and F. C. Hay (2001). Epitope mapping: a practical approach. The practical approach series. Oxford, Oxford University Press: xviii, 284 p.: ill.; 26 cm.

Wetherell, M. and J. Potter (1992). Mapping the language of racism: discourse and the legitimation of exploitation. New York; London, Harvester Wheatsheaf: ix,246p.; 24cm.

Wharton Information, S. (2000). Mapping the information jungle: part 1, Wharton Information Systems.

Wheatley, D. (2002). Spatial technology and archaeology: the archaeological applications of GIS. London, Taylor & Francis.

Wheatley, D. and M. Gillings (2002). Spatial technology and archaeology: the archeaological applications of GIS. London, Taylor & Francis.

Whitaker, E. A. (1999). Mapping and naming the Moon: a history of lunar cartography and nomenclature. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: xviii, 242 p.: ill.; 26 cm.

White, D. (2002). Knowledge mapping and management. Hershey, PA; London, IRM Press: xii, 328 p.: ill.; 25 cm.

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