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Hicks, T., R. Muir-Wood, et al. (2001). Mapping the hydrogeology of faults, Environment Agency.

Higgs, G. (1990). The integration of environmental data in a catchment based GIS study, Wales and South West Regional Research Laboratory.

Higgs, G. E. and D. E. Kidner (2002). Gisruk 2001, Pergamon.

Higgs, G., P. Longley, et al. (1992). Local government revenue monitoring: a GIS approach, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Department of City and Regional Planning.

Higgs, G., S. Gill, et al. (1999). Obstacles to the use of GIS in strategic planning: a research agenda, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Department of City and Regional Planning.

Higher Education Quality, C. (1996). Quality, standards and professional accreditation: a mapping exercise, Higher Education Quality Council.

Hilbers, P. A. J. (1991). Processor networks and aspects of the mapping problem. Cambridge international series on parallel computation; 2. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 133p.: ill.; 26cm.

Hilferink, M. and P. Rietveld (1998). Land use scanner: an integrated GIS based model for long term projections of land use in urban and rural areas. Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute.

Hillerman, T. and F. Kessler (2004). Kilroy was there: a GI's war in photographs. Kent, Ohio; London, Kent State University Press.

Hing, B. O. (2004). Defining America through immigration policy. Philadelphia; [Great Britain], Temple University Press.

Hirata, K. (2002). Recent advances in human brain mapping: proceedings of the 12th World Congress of the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET 2001). Amsterdam; London, Excerpta Media: 1 v.

Hirschfeld, L. A. E. and S. A. E. Gelman (1994). Mapping the mind: domain specificity in cognition and culture: Conference entitled "Cultural knowledge and domain specificity": Papers. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: xiv, 516p.

Hirschfield, A. and K. Bowers (2001). Mapping and analysing crime data: lessons from research and practice. London, Taylor & Francis: xxv, 274 p.: ill., maps; 24 cm.

Hirtle, S. C. and A. U. Frank (1997). Spatial information theory: a theoretical basis for GIS: international conference COSIT'97, Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania, USA, October 15-18, 1997, proceedings. Berlin; London, Springer.

Hirvonen, R. A. (1971). Adjustment by least squares in geodesy and photogrammetry. New York, Ungar.

Hoare, M. R. (2005). The quest for the true figure of the Earth: ideas and expeditions in four centuries of geodesy. Aldershot, Ashgate.

Hoare, W. H. B., K. L. E. m. o. C. a. S. L. N. W. T. Buchan, et al. (1990). Journal of a Barrenlander: W. H. B. Hoare, 1928-1929. Ottawa, Ont., S. C. Thomson: 186p.: ill., maps.

Hodgson, C. V. (1929). Manual of Second and Third Order Triangulation and Traverse, Washington.

Hodgson, J. M. and W. A. D. Whitfield (1990). Applied soil mapping for planning, development and conservation: a pilot study. London, HMSO: 38p.; 22x30cm.

Hoel, E. E. (2003). Proceedings of the 11th ACM international symposium on advances in geographic information systems, ACM.

Hoffmann, C. (1996). Mapping European land cover with NOAA-AVHRR data, Joint Research Centre European Commission.

Hofton, M. A. E. (2001). Land surface mapping and characterization using laser altimetry, ISPRS.

Hogg, J. and M. Gahegan (1986). Regional analysis using geographic information systems based on linear quadtrees, University of Leeds School of Geography.

Hogg, J., M. Gahegan, et al. (1986). Evaluation of regional land resources using geographic information systems based on linear quadtrees, University of Leeds School of Geography.

Høgholen, A. (1993). Kinematic GPS in aerotriangulation in Finland, The Institute.

Hogwood, B. W. (1996). Mapping the regions: boundaries, coordination and government, Policy Press.

Hohl, P. (1998). GIS data conversion: strategies, techniques, and management. Santa Fe, N.M., OnWord Press.

Hoisington, D. E. and A. E. McNab (1993). Progress in genome mapping of wheat and related species: 3rd Public workshop: Papers. Davis, University of California.

Hoja, D. (2004). Radar remote sensing of ocean waves global mapping of mean and peak wave parameters extracted from SAR cross spectra. Köln, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt: xxxiii, 236 p.: ill. (some col.), maps (some col.); 23 cm.

Holden, G. J. F. (1974). An evaluation of orthophotography in an integrated mapping system. Kensington, N.S.W., School of Surveying, The University of New South Wales: v, 227p.; 30cm.

Holliday, T. (1995). The design and analysis of engine mapping experiments: a two-stage approach, University of Birmingham.

Hollis, J. M. (1992). Proposals for the classification, description and mapping of soils in urban areas, English Nature: 41p. + soil maps.

Holmes, A. P. (1994). Statistical issues in functional brain mapping, University of Glasgow.

Holtz, W. B. (1994). The CAD rating guide: a tool for the evaluation of computer-aided design systems including FEM, GIS and animation systems: a comprehensive comparison of over 140 CAD systems. Betheseda, Md., ZEM Press.

Homan, G., D. Hicks-Clarke, et al. (2003). The management development needs of owner managers/ managers in SMEs: mapping the skills and techniques. Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University: 38 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

Honkavaara, E. (1998). Quality of FLPIS orthophotos. [Kirkkonummi?], Finnish Geodetic Institute.

Honkavaara, E. (1999). Orientation of optical airborne and spaceborne images for small and medium scale mapping purposes. [Masala], Finnish Geodetic Institute: 57 p.: ill.; 30 cm.

Hooijberg, M. (1997). Practical geodesy: using computers. New York, Springer.

Hook, S. J. (1989). An evaluation of NS-001 and TIMS data for lithological mapping and mineral exploration in weathered vegetated terrain, University of Durham.

Horn, R. E. (1987). Engineering of documentation: the Information Mapping approach. Waltham, MA, Information Mapping Inc.

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