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Czerniak, R. J. (2002). Collecting, processing, and integrating GPS data into GIS: a synthesis of highway practice. Washington, D.C., National Academy Press.

Dacen, D. L. (1987). Tactual mobility mapping for the visually handicapped, University of Calgary.

Dale, P. (2005). Introduction to mathematical techniques used in GIS. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, CRC.

Daly, M. C. (1990). Chromosome 3 deletion mapping in human small cell lung cancer, University of Cambridge.

Dam, R. T. V. and A. T. v. Oosterom (1986). Electrocardiographic body surface mapping: proceedings of the 3rd International symposium on Body Surface Mapping [Nijmegen, Neths, 1985]. Dordrecht, Nijhoff: 311p.; 25cm.

Dam, R. T. v. E. and A. v. E. Oosterom (1986). Electrocardiographic body surface mapping: 3rd International symposium on body surface mapping: Papers. Dordrecht; Boston, M. Nijhoff.

Damelio, R. (1996). The basics of process mapping. New York, Quality Resources: xi,65p.: ill.; 18cm.

Daniels, K., G. Johnson, et al. (1993). Similarity or understanding: differences in the cognitive models of buyers and sellers; a paper outlining issues in mapping and homogeneity, Cranfield School of Management.

Daniels, K., L. de Chernatony, et al. (1993). Validating a method for mapping managers' mental models of competitive industry structures, Cranfield School of Management.

Darkhshan, F. (2001). Mapping of murine radiation-induced acute myeloid leukaemia susceptibility loci, University of Reading.

Darling, F. W. (1949). Fundamental Tables for the Deflection of the Vertical, pp. 38. Washington.

Darnley, A. G. (1995). A global geochemical database for environmental and resource management: recommendations for International Geochemical Mapping: final report of IGCP Project 259. Earth sciences; 19. Paris, Unesco: 122p.; 28cm.

Darnley, A. G. E. and R. G. E. Garrett (1990). International geochemical mapping: international geological correlation program project 259, Elsevier.

Das Gupta, S. P. (1982). Essays in thematic cartography. Calcutta, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation.

Dataquest Europe, L. (1995). GIS user survey 1995: geographical information systems, Dataquest Europe Limited.

Davenport, P. H. E. (1993). Geochemical mapping: Workshop: International conference on environmental geochemistry and health: Papers, Elsevier.

Davie, D. K., J. Fox, et al. (1999). The ARL geographic information systems literacy project: a SPEC kit. Washington, D.C., Association of Research Libraries, Office of Leadership and Management Services.

Davies, J. (1999). Broad scale remote survey and mapping of the sublittoral habitats and their associated biota in the Firth of Lorn, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Davies, J. and J. Hall-Spencer (1996). Mapping of benthic biotopes in the proposed Sound of Arisaig Special Area of Conservation, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Davis, B. (2003). Choosing a form for poverty mapping. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization: ix, 48 p.: maps (some col.); 21 cm.

Davis, B. E. (1996). GIS: a visual approach. Santa Fe, N.M., OnWord Press.

Davis, F. W., R. K. Peet, et al. (1994). Applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems in vegetation science. Uppsala, Sweden, Opulus Press.

Davis, T. F. and K. Womack (2001). Mapping the ethical turn: a reader in ethics, culture, and literary theory. Charlottesville; London, University Press of Virginia: xiv, 296 p.; 25 cm.

Davoren, M. (1989). A structural approach to the mapping problem in parallel discrete event logic simulations, University of Edinburgh.

De Boer, D. (2003). Erosion prediction in ungauged basins: integrating methods and techniques. Wallingford, IAHS.

De Groot, M., C. Cerutti, et al. (1983). A mobile unit for mapping atmospheric pollution, Harwood Academic for the Commission of the European Communities.

De Man, W. H. E. (1984). Conceptual framework and guidelines for establishing geographic information systems capable of integrating natural resources data and socio-economic data for development-oriented planning, monitoring, and research (preliminary version). Paris, General Information Programme and UNISIST, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

De Propris, L. (2003). Mapping local production systems in the UK: methodology and application. Birmingham, Birmingham Business School: 37 p.: ill., maps; 30 cm.

Dean, T. (1988). A mapping for converting Mascot designs to Ada programs. Malvern, Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.

Deane, T. J. (1980). Automatic database selection through multidisciplinary searching with classification mapping, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dearman, W. R. (1991). Engineering geological mapping, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Deb, K. (2002). Mapping multiculturalism. Jaipur, Rawat: 317 p.; 23 cm.

DeBarry, P. A. and R. G. Quimpo (1999). GIS modules and distributed models of the watershed: report. Reston, Va., American Society of Civil Engineers.

DeBelin, M. (2003). Mapping skills tutorial. Friends' paper; no. 6. Leicester, Friends of the Centre for Local History: 57 p.: ill.; 22 cm. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.).

Decker, D. (2000). GIS data sources. New York, J. Wiley & Sons.

Deetz, C. H. (1918). Lambert Projection Tables with Conversion Tables. Supplement to The Lambert Conformal Conic Projection with two Standard Parallels, pp. 84. Washington.

Deetz, C. H. (1943). [Cartography.], pp. vi. 85. pl. 30. Washington.

Deetz, C. H. a. A. and O. S. Adams (1928). [Elements of Map Projection. With applications to map and chart construction.]. [U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Special Publication. no. 68.], pp. 167. pl. VIII. Washington: fol.

Defense Intelligence, A. (1967). Glossary of mapping, charting and geodetic terms. [Washington, D.C.], [U.S. Government Printing Office]: 243p.; 26cm.

Defense, U. S. O. A. D. o. (1969). Glossary of mapping, charting and geodetic terms. Second edition. Prepared for Department of Defense by Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Topographic Command, Washington: pp. v, 281. 26 cm.

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