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Delbaere, B. E. and H. E. Gulinck (1995). Workshop on remote sensing in landscape ecological mapping, Office for the Official Publications of the European Communities.

DeMers, M. N. (2002). GIS modeling in raster. New York; [Chichester], Wiley.

DeMers, M. N. (2005). Fundamentals of geographic information systems. New York; [Great Britain], John Wiley & Sons.

DeMers, M. N. and M. N. F. o. g. i. s. DeMers (2000). Exercises in GIS to accompany Fundamentals of geographic information systems, second edition. New York; Chichester, J. Wiley.

Dennis, J. C. (2001). Where are the children? a mapping exercise on numbers of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in the UK: September 2000 - March 2001, Refugee Council.

Denton, J. B. (1841). Outline of a Method of Model Mapping; with a view to append, by an application of the art of levelling to that of area surveying, the advantage of a section of elevations and depressions to the uses of a map of superficial contents; with some introductory remarks addressed to agriculturists, landed proprietors, and persons interested in the effectual drainage of towns. Second edition. With notes and appendix, etc, pp. 54. pl. III. J. Weale: London; William Grapel: Liverpool: 8.

Denton, J. B. (1849). Drainage of Lands, and the Sewerage of Towns. A paper on model or relief mapping, as the best index to the capabilities of a surface, with a description of the mode of constructing model maps. (With thirteen plates and woodcuts.), pp. 30. John Weale: London: 8.

Denvir, H. and T. Bibby (2002). Diagnostic interviews in number sense: one-to-one assessments mapping children's understanding of number. London, BEAM Education: 1 ring binder ((various pagings)): ill.; 33 cm.

Department, C. S. (1932). The Geodetic Levelling of Ceylon, 1926-1929, 2 vol. Colombo.

Department, E. A. H. and J. W. Atherton (1912). Tables for Determining Geodetic Positions, latitudes 0 to 65, together with methods of using co-ordinates. By John W. Atherton, pp. 37. London.

Department, I. I. M. (1960). Symposium on Monsoons of the World. Held at. New Delhi, 19-21 February 1958. Under the auspices of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, World Meteorological Organisation, International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics and the Government of India. [With maps.], pp. x. 270. Delhi: 8.

Development, U. S. O. A. A. f. I. (1962). Science, Technology, and Development. United States papers prepared for the United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas, 12 vol. Washington.

Deville, E. (1878). Examples of astronomic and geodetic calculations for the use of land surveyors. [S.l., s.n.].

Devitt, D. A. (1987). Soil gas sensing for detection and mapping of volatile organics. Dublin, Ohio, National Water Well Association: 270p.; 28cm.

Devonport, C. C. E., S. J. E. Riley, et al. (1992). Proceedings of the GIS and environmental rehabilitation workshop. Canberra, Australian Government Publishing Service.

Diamantopoulos, A., A. Souchon, et al. (1999). Mapping export information use: a five nation study, Aston Business School Research Institute.

Dick, R. C. E. and G. A. E. Jordan (1990). Forest management and geographic information systems. Vol 1, Beginnings, Forest Information & Resource Systems Technology Associates.

Dickinson, G. C. (1963). Statistical Mapping and the Presentation of Statistics. By G.C. Dickinson. London, Edward Arnold: 25 x 19 cm. pp. 160.

Dickinson, G. C. (1973). Statistical mapping and the presentation of statistics. Second edition. [By] G.C. Dickinson. London, Edward Arnold: pp. 194; illus. 26 cm.

Dickson, G. D. (1992). Development of an automated raman mapping system for the examination of ceramic surfaces, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic.

Diedrich, M., C. Pedersen, et al. (1999). Mapping African America: history, narrative formation, and the production of knowledge. FORECAAST; v. 1. Hamburg, Lit: xiii, 235 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Dijk, A. v. and M. G. Bos (2001). GIS and remote sensing techniques in land- and water-management. Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic.

Dingsdale, A. (2002). Mapping modernities: geographies of Central and Eastern Europe, 1920-2000. Routledge studies in human geography; 6. London, Routledge: xxiii, 324 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm.

Diprose, R. and R. Ferrell (1991). Cartographies: poststructuralism and the mapping of bodies and spaces. North Sydney, Australia, Allen & Unwin: xi, 160 p.

Disperati, A. A. (1981). The mapping of strands of Para Pine (Araucaria Angustifolia (Bert) O. Ktze.) in the forest of South-West Parana State (Brazil) using a computer-aided analysis of landsat MSS data, University of London.

Ditson, L. A. (2001). Concept mapping companion for Inspiration version 6. Eugene, Or., International Society for Technology in Education: vii, 123 p.: ill.; 22 x 29 cm.

Division, U. S. O. A. D. o. A. A. A. A. W. (1937). Mapping Procedure and Acreage Determination Ground Method, pp. iv. 45. Washington: 8.

Division, U. S. O. A. G. S. T. (1964). Topographic Mapping, a challenging future, [Washington: obl. 8.

Dix, W. S. and J. R. Kennedy (1991). Recollections of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping 1941-1991. [Falls Church, Va.], American Congress on Surveying and Mapping: ii,94p.: ill.; 26cm.

Dixon, M. J. and J. D. McPherson (1997). Report of the fourth international workshop on human chromosome 5 mapping 1996, Karger.

Dodd, T. A. (1985). Mapping skills, Oxford University Press: 247p.

Donoghue, J. K. and M. J. Ives (1985). The state of the art of digital mapping in the utilities. London, National Joint Utilities Group.

Doolittle, C. L. (1885). A treatise on practical Astronomy, as applied to Geodesy and Navigation, pp. x. 642. J. Wiley & Sons: New York.

Dore, C. (2003). Mapping of biogenic VOC emissions in England and Wales. Bristol, Environment Agency: ix, 91 p.: col. ill., col. maps; 30 cm.

Dorling, D. and D. Fairbairn (1997). Mapping: ways of representing the world. Insights into human geography. Harlow, Longman: viii, 184p.: ill., maps, ports.; 24cm.

Dorsch, M. F. (2003). Candidate mapping of loci regulating and encoding for vascular extracellular matrix proteins in 454 sibling pairs affected by premature coronary artery disease, Leeds: University of Leeds: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Doubler, M. D. (1994). Closing with the enemy: how GIs fought the war in Europe, 1944-1945. Lawrence, Kan., University Press of Kansas.

Dowling, D. (1991). Mrs. Dalloway: mapping streams of consciousness. Boston, Twayne: xiv,151p.: ill., ports.; 23cm.

Dowman, I. J. (1974). Directory of research and development activities in the United Kingdom in the fields of land survey, geodesy, photogrammetry and hydrographic surveying. [London?], U.K.National Group for Communication in Surveying & Photogrammetry.

Downs, R. M. a. S. and D. Stea (1974). Image and environment. Cognitive mapping and spatial behavior. Edited by Roger M. Downs and David Stea, London: Edward Arnold: pp. xxiii, 439; illus., maps. 24 cm. bibl. pp. 391-423.

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