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Gerke-Bonet, R. W. (1990). Large scale genomic mapping of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, University of Liverpool.

Gerson, G. M. (1989). Data mapping: the integration of EDI into the corporate information structure. Alexandria, VA, TDCC: The Electronic Data Interchange Association.

Ghosh, S. K. (1971). 1970 International Symposium on Photography and Navigation, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., May 25-28, 1970; sponsored by International Society of Photogrammetry. Commission 1, the American Society of Photogrammetry, [and] Department of Geodetic Science, the Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio, Ohio State University.

Giaoutzi, M. and P. Nijkamp (1993). Decision support models for regional sustainable development: an application of geographic information systems and evaluation models to the Greek Sporades Islands. Aldershot, Avebury.

Gibb, J. G. (1981). Coastal hazard mapping as a planning technique for Waiapu Country, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand. Wellington, National Water and Soil Conversation Organization.

Gilbert, T. (1991). Holey Land Wildlife Management Area vegetation mapping. Tallahassee, Fla., Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission: 12p.

Gilbertson, D. D., M. Kent, et al. (1985). Practical ecology for geography and biology: survey, mapping and data analysis. London, Hutchinson.

Gill, D. S. K. C. B. (1892). Geodetic Survey of South Africa. (Report by H.M. Astronomer, Dr. David Gill.) [Dated: 25th Jan. 1892.], pp. 11. pl. II. Cape Town.

Gill, R. S. (1998). Using ERS SAR images in the operational mapping of sea ice in the Greenland waters: final report for ESA-ESRIN's: pilot project No. PP2.PP2.DK2 and 2nd announcement of opportunity for the exploitation of ERS data project No. A)2.DK102. Danish Meteorological Institute scientific report, 0905-3263; 98-6. Copenhagen, DMI: 89 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm.

Gillborn, D. and H. S. Mirza (2000). Educational inequality: mapping race, class and gender; a synthesis of research evidence, Great Britain, Office for Standards in Education.

Gillespie, S. R. (2000). Determining, measuring and analyzing the benefits of GIS. Park Ridge, IL, Urban and Regional Information System Association (URISA).

Gilligan, C. (1988). Mapping the moral domain, Center for the Study of Gender, Education and Human Development, Harvard University Graduate School of Education: xxxix,324p.

Ginsberg, W. B. (2001). Norvegia Regnum: a collection of maps and sea charts of Norway 1602-1827: an exhibit showing the development of the mapping of Norway. Oslo, William B. Ginsberg: 34p.: maps (some col.); 28cm.

Girl Guides, A. and A. W. N. Mackenzie (1923). Surveying and Mapping Simplified. By A. W. N. Mackenzie, pp. 48. Glasgow: 8º.

Gittings, B. M. (1999). Integrating information infrastructures with geographical information technology. London, Taylor & Francis.

Glasson, K. R. and K. S. McDonnell (1968). Graded exercises in geological mapping. [By] K.R. Glasson [and] K.S. McDonnell. Melbourne, etc., F.W. Cheshire: 24 x 18 cm.

Glaze, G. L. (1977). Design specification for an ecological map of Britain: a study of the problems of vegetation mapping, Royal College of Art.

Glenn, K. M. and J. Pérez (2005). Mapping the fiction of Cristina Fernández Cubas. Newark, NJ; [Great Britain], University of Delaware Press: 230 p.; 24 cm.

Glover, G. (2002). National child and adolescent mental health service mapping exercise. [Great Britain], Department of Health: ca. 120 p.: ill., ports.; 21 x 30 cm.

Gluck, M., R. Rempel, et al. (1996). An evaluation of remote sensing for regional wetland mapping applications, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Forest Research Institute.

Godfrey, M. (1998). Preventive strategies for older people: mapping the literature on effectiveness and outcomes, Anchor Trust.

Godin, L. W. (2001). GIS in telecommunications. Redlands, Calif., ESRI Press.

Goldman, M. (1997). Paths of desire: images of exploration and mapping in Canadian women's writing. Theory/culture. Toronto; London, University of Toronto Press: 256 p.; 23 cm.

Goldney, T. and B. R. Baker (1826). Specimen of the style of mapping & lithographing the proposed map of the parish of S[ain]t Pancras from actual survey, by Thomas Goldney, 17, Everett Street, Russell Square Drawn on stone by B. R. Baker. [London], R. Martin, Printer, 124, High Holborn: [1] leaf: hand col map; 33cm.

Golledge, R. G. (1999). Wayfinding behavior: cognitive mapping and other spatial processes. Baltimore; London, Johns Hopkins University Press: xviii,428p.: ill.; 24cm.

Gomes, M. A. R. (1999). Automatic residual stress mapping by UT of austenitic stainless steel: final report, European Commission.

Gonalves, J. A. (2002). Integration of SAR and SPOT data for topographic mapping. London, University of London.

Gondek, M. M. (2003). Mapping sculpture and power: symbolic wealth in early medieval Scotland, 6th-11th centuries AD. Glasgow, University of Glasgow: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Gondhalekar, P. M. E., K. E. Horne, et al. (1994). Reverberation mapping of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei: 10th Workshop: Papers, The Society.

Goodchild, M. E. and A. E. Getis (2000). Spatial analysis and GIS, Springer.

Goodchild, M. F. (1996). GIS and environmental modeling: progress and research issues. Fort Collins, Colo., GIS World Books.

Goodchild, M. F. (1999). Interoperating geographic information systems. Boston; London, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Goodchild, M. F. E., B. O. E. Parks, et al. (1993). Environmental modeling with GIS: 1st International conference on integrating GIS and environmental modeling: Revised papers. New York, Oxford University Press.

Goodchild, M. F., B. O. Parks, et al. (1993). Environmental modeling with GIS. New York; Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Goodger, B. (2005). Mapping locations of non-breeding birds on the Welsh section of the Severn Estuary, SSSI, Ramsar Site, SPA and cSAC. CCW regional report; CCW/SEW/05/1. [Cardiff], Countryside Council for Wales: 10 p., [13] folded leaves of plates: col. maps; 30 cm.

Goodison, B. E. (1985). Hydrological applications of remote sensing and remote data transmission: proceedings of a symposium held during the XVIIIth General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at Hamburg, FR Germany, August 1983. Wallingford, International Association of Hydrological Sciences.

Goodno, B. J. E. and J. R. E. Wright (1992). Computing in civil engineering: and geographic information systems symposium: 8th National conference: Papers, ASCE.

Goonatilake, S. (1978). Tourism in Sri Lanka: the mapping of international inequalities and their internal structural effects. Montreal, Centre for Developing-Area Studies, McGill University: [2],29 leaves; map; 28cm.

Gornostayeva, G. (1993). Database and desktop mapping of the population and housing of Moscow for the atlas of European cities, University of Leeds, School of Geography.

Goss, J. J. S. (1990). The mapping of North America: three centuries of map-making 1500-1860. Secaucus, N.J., Wellfleet Press: 184p.: col facsim. maps; 37cm.

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