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Record 1801 to 1840
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Rudd, P., M. Rickinson, et al. (2004). Mapping work on the future of teaching and learning: final report for the General Teaching Council. [Great Britain], National Foundation for Educational Research: 67 p.; 30 cm.

Ruggles, R. I. (1991). A country so interesting: the Hudson's Bay Company and two centuries of mapping, 1670-1870. Rupert's Land Record Society series; 2. Montreal; Buffalo, McGill-Queen's University Press: xix,300p.: maps; 24x31cm.

Ruiz, I. J. T. (2001). Enhanced concurrent mapping and localisation using forward-looking sonar, Heriot-Watt University.

Rummel, R. E. and F. E. Sanso (1993). Satellite altimetry in geodesy and oceanography: International summer school of theoretical geodesy: Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer.

Rummel, R. E. and R. C. E. Hipkin (1990). Gravity, gradiometry and gravimetry: Symposium: General meeting: Papers, Springer.

Runcorn, S. K. (1967). International dictionary of geophysics: seismology, geomagnetism, aeronomy, oceanography, geodesy, gravity, marine geophysics, meteorology, the earth as a planet and its evolution. Oxford, Pergamon.

Rush, S. and E. Lepeschkin (1974). Body surface mapping of cardiac fields: proceedings. Basel; London [etc.], Karger: xv, 344p.; 25cm.

Rutter, J. and C. Jones (1998). Refugee education: mapping the field. Stoke-on-Trent, Trentham: 220p.; 23cm.

Ryan, H. M. and D. Milne (1983). Dielectric testing of GIS: review of test procedures and evaluation of test results, CIGRE.

Rybaczuk, K. E. and M. E. Blakemore (1991). Mapping the nations: 15th Conference: 9th General assembly: Papers. London, ICA.

Rycroft, S. P. (1993). Mapping the underground: geographies of British and Americal counter-cultures, 1950-1975, University of Nottingham.

Sahay, S. and G. Walsham (1994). Implementation of GIS in India: some organizational issues, University of Cambridge, Judge Institute of Management Studies.

Salazar, A. J. (2005). Mapping the scope of information technology enabled transformation: a multi-theoretical framework and review. Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Business School: 50 leaves; 30 cm.

Salvatori, V. (2004). Mapping conservation areas for large carnivores in the Carpathian Mountains. Southampton, University of Southampton: 1 v.; 31 cm.

Samet, H. (1989). Applications of spatial data structures: computer graphics, image processing, and GIS. Reading, Mass., Addison-Wesley.

Sample, V. A. (1994). Remote sensing and GIS in ecosystem management. Washington, D.C., Island Press.

Sanaei, A. (1998). Instrumented combine harvester based reliable yeild mapping aided by GIS/GPS, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sanchez, R. D. (1986). Principles and practices of satellite multispectral image mapping in the US Geological Survey, USGS.

Sanford, A. J. and L. M. Moxey (1991). Notes on plural reference and the scenario-mapping principle in comprehension, Human Communication Research Centre.

Sanghi, S. (2004). The handbook of competency mapping: understanding, designing and implementing competency models in organizations. New Delhi; London, Response Books: xviii, 142 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Sarma, R. N. (1998). Comparative mapping of flowering time genes in rice, wheat and barley, University of East Anglia.

Sastrosoedirdjo, D. W. (1966). A Study on the Mapping and Surveying System in Indonesia. A Thesis. By Djoko Walijatur Sastrosoedirdjo. [Columbus, Ohio], Ohio State University: 27.5 x 23 cm. pp. iv. 51.

Saurí i Pujol, D. (2004). Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in Europe. Environmental issue report; no. 35. Copenhagen, European Environment Agency: vi, 48 p.: col. ill., col. maps; 30 cm.

Savigny, D. d. E. and P. E. Wijeyaratne (1995). GIS for health and the environment, IDRC.

Savitsky, B. G. and T. E. Lacher (1998). GIS methodologies for developing conservation strategies: tropical forest recovery and wildlife management in Costa Rica. New York, Columbia University Press.

Sayers, I. (1997). Protein engineering of recombinant human immunoglobin E: mapping the Fc receptor binding regions(s) and investigation of the role of glycosylation, University of Sheffield.

Sayre, K. M. (1997). Belief and knowledge: mapping the cognitive landscape. Studies in epistemology and cognitive theory. Lanham, Md.; Oxford, Rowman & Littlefield: xvi, 311 p.; 23 cm.

Schafer, W. J. (1998). Mapping the Godzone: a primer on New Zealand literature and culture. Honolulu, University of Hawai'i Press: xvii,197p.: 1 map; 22cm.

Schiffer, M. (1970). Some distortion theorems in the theory of conformal mapping. (Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Memorie. Classe di scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali. ser. 8. vol. 10. sez. 1. fasc. 1.), Roma: pp. 19. 27 cm.

Schinzinger, R. and P. A. A. Laura (1991). Conformal mapping: methods and applications, Elsevier: xx,581p.

Schischa, R. and D. Berenstein (2002). Mapping Jewish culture in Europe today: a pilot project. London, Institute for Jewish Policy Research: 34 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

Schneider, M. (1997). Spatial data types for database systems: finite resolution geometry for geographic information systems. Berlin; London, Springer.

Schneps, L. and P. Lochak (1997). Geometric Galois actions. 2, The inverse Galois problem, moduli spaces and mapping class groups. London Mathematical Society lecture note series; 243. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: ix, 347p.: ill.; 23cm.

School, N. Z. D. o. E. T. C. (1958). Geodesy, etc, Wellington.

Schott, C. A. (1902). The Eastern Oblique Arc of the United States and Osculating Spheroid, etc, pp. 394. Washington.

Schou, A. V. (1953). Educational Wall-Map System of the Danish Geodetic Institute. [Geodætisk Institut. Meddelelse. no. 27.], København: 8º.

Schraaf, N. v. d. (1979). The centenary of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission. Delft, Rijkscommissie voor Geodesie.

Schreiber, O. (1947). Geodetic tables for the Clarke 1880 spheroid. Pretoria, Government Printer.

Schreiber, O., I. H. Beynon, et al. (1947). Geodetic Tables for the Clarke 1880 Spheroid. Computed by O. Schreiber, etc. [Arranged for publication by D. R. Hendrikz, assisted by I. H. Beynon.], pp. 77. [Pretoria.

Schrire, D. (1965). The Cape of Good Hope 1782-1842 from De la Rochette to Arrowsmith. Being some notes on the development of the early mapping of European-occupied South Africa by English cartographers. By D. Schrire. London, Map Collectors' Circle: 24.5 x 18.5 cm. pp. 16. pl. XV.

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