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Record 1641 to 1680
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Pebesma, E. J. (1996). Mapping groundwater quality in the Netherlands. Utrecht, Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, Faculteit Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht: xiv,105p.: ill., maps; 24cm.

Peckham, R. J. E. (1996). Proceedings of the 2nd EC-GIS workshop, Genova, Italy, 26-28 June, 1996. Brussels, ECSC-EC-EAEC.

Peckham, R. J. E. (1997). Proceedings of the 3rd EC-GIS workshop. Brussels, ECSC-EC-EAEC.

Peckham, R. J. E. (1999). Proceedings of the 4th EC - GIS workshop, CEC.

Peepre-Bordessa, M. (1990). Hugh MacLennan's national trilogy: mapping a Canadian identity (1940-1950). Helsinki, Suomalainen tiedeakatemia: 236p.

Pegler, D. E. (1993). Fungi of Europe: investigation, recording and conservation: 11th Congress of European Mycologists: Selected papers, Royal Botanic Gardens.

Peng, Z.-R. and M.-h. Tsou (2003). Internet GIS: distributed geographic information services for the internet and wireless networks. Hoboken, N.J.; [Chichester], Wiley.

Pentz, J. A. (1938). The Value of Botanical Survey and the Mapping of Vegetation as applied to Farming Systems in South Africa. [With plates and maps.]. [Union of South Africa. Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Botanical Survey Memoir. no. 19.], pp. 15. Pretoria: 8º.

Pepping, M. (1999). Intertidal sediments and benthic animals of Roebuck Bay Western Australia: report of the ROEbuck Bay Intertidal Benthic Mapping Programme, June 1997 (ROEBIM-97). NIOZ Report, 0923-3210; 1999-3. Texel, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research: 212 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 26 cm.

Perez Rodriques, J. A. (1980). Mapping rooftop radiation using thermal infrared data, Ohio State University.

Perkin, R. M. and L. Yu (1993). Microwave oven studies: development of a technique for mapping electric field distributions, Great Britain, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Perkins, C. R. and R. B. Parry (1996). Mapping the UK. London, Bowker-Saur: xiv, 397p., [16]p. of plates: ill. (some col.), facsims., maps; 31cm.

Peters, J. N. (2004). Mapping discord: allegorical cartography in early modern French writing. Newark, Del., University of Delaware Press: 286 p.: ill., maps; 25 cm.

Peterson, P. E. (1998). The use of geographic information systems in the study of ancient landscapes and features related to ancient land use, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

Petrie, L. (1995). GIS in archaeology: an annotated bibliography. Sydney, Archaeological Computing Laboratory, Archaeology Prehistoric and Historical, University of Sydney.

Petrucci, A., N. Salvati, et al. (2003). The application of a spatial regression model to the analysis and mapping of poverty. Environment and natural resources series; no. 7. Rome; [Great Britain], Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: vii, 54 p.: col. maps; 30 cm.

Peuquet, D. J. and D. F. Marble (1990). Introductory readings in geographic information systems. London, Taylor & Francis.

Phethean, N. (2005). Mapping the maze: a guide to regulation and inspection. Governance & Regulation. London, National Housing Federation: viii, 90 p.; 25 cm.

Phillips, M. and M. Comfort (1996). The A to Zen of life maintenance: mapping the emotional mind. Shaftesbury, Element: viii,120p.,[8]p. of plates: col ill.; 24cm.

Phillips, R. (1997). Mapping men and empire: a geography of adventure. London, Routledge: viii,208p.: ill., facsims.,maps,port.; 25cm.

Pickard, C. D. O. (1999). Mapping studies of diamond using confocal Raman spectroscopy, University of Bristol.

Pickering, D., J. M. Park, et al. (1993). Utility mapping and record keeping for infrastructure. Washington, D.C., World Bank for the Urban Management Programme; Alton: Microinfo [distributor]: xiii,69p.

Pickles, J. (2004). A history of spaces: cartographic reason, mapping, and the geo-coded world. London, Routledge: xxii, 233 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 24 cm.

Piersma, T. (2005). The long mud: benthos and shorebirds of the foreshore of Eighty-mile Beach, Western Australia: report on the 'Anna Plains Benthic Invertebrate and bird Mapping 1999' (ANNABIM-99). Texel, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ): 218 p.: ill., maps, ports.; 27 cm.

Pilkington, A., J. Donaldson, et al. (2002). Mapping health hazards and risks across aspects of the construction process, Great Britain, Health and Safety Executive.

Pinter, N. (2006). The Adria microplate: GPS geodesy, tectonics and hazards, Dordrecht; Springer in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

Plate, E. J. and N. Buras (1985). Scientific procedures applied to the planning, design and management of water resources systems: proceedings of a symposium held during the XVIIIth General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at Hamburg, FR Germany, August 1983. Wallingford, International Association of Hydrological Sciences.

Plewe, B. (1997). GIS online: information retrieval, mapping and the Internet. Santa Fe, OnWord Press: xv, 311p.: ill., maps; 23cm.

Poder, K. and K. Engsager (1998). Some conformal mappings and transformations for geodesy and topographic cartography. København, Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen: iv, 63p.: ill.; 30cm.

Polyak, S. T. (1998). Mapping timepoint-based constraints into interval relationships, University of Edinburgh, Department of Artificial Intelligence.

Poncio, J. H. and M. Young (2003). Girocho: a GI's story of Bataan and beyond. Baton Rouge, La.; London, Louisiana State University Press.

Pooley, M. R. and M. M. Jones (1996). Application of remote sensing to habitat mapping and monitoring, Scottish Natural Heritage.

Poore, M. E. D. (1964). An Approach to the Rapid Description and Mapping of Biological Habitats. Based on a survey of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by Hunting Technical Services Ltd. and on the work of the British Jordan Expedition, 1963. By M.E.D. Poore and V.C. Robertson. London, Sub-Commission on Conservation of Terrestrial Biological Communities of the International Biological Programme: 26.5 x 18 cm. pp. xiii. 68.

Popp, T. E. (2000). Physical properties of geomaterials, Pergamon.

Popplewell, W. C. (1915). Elements of Surveying and Geodesy. [S.l.], Longmans.

Posch, M. E. (1997). Calculation and mapping of critical thresholds in Europe: status report 1997. RIVM report no. 259101007. Bilthoven, Coordination Center for Effects, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment.

Postnikov, A. V. (1996). The mapping of Russian America: a history of Russian-American contacts in cartography. Milwaukee, American Geographical Society Collection of the Golda Meir Library, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: iv, 35p.: maps; 28cm.

Potter, M. J. (1999). Parametric analysis of a solid polymer fuel cell using current distribution mapping, Loughborough University of Technology.

Poulsen, H. F. (2004). Three-dimensional x-ray diffraction microscopy: mapping polycrystals and their dynamics. Springer tracts in modern physics, 0081-3869; 205. Berlin, Springer: xi, 154 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Poutanen, M. and J. Kakkuri (1999). Final results of the Baltic Sea Level 1997 GPS campaign: Research work of the SSC 8.1 of the International Association of Geodesy. [Kirkkonummi?], Finnish Geodetic Institute.

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